Do You Need a Passport to Go to Bora Bora?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Feb 9 2022

Bora Bora is a small South Pacific Island in the Society Islands of French Polynesia. It is a mountainous island surrounded by lagoons and barrier reefs. The languages spoken in Bora Bora are Tahitian and French. However, due to the high influx of tourists, many natives of Bora Bora have learned to speak English. The currency accepted on the island is The French Pacific Franc (XPF or CFP).

Bora Bora is nicknamed “the pearl of the pacific” and it is popular among tourists for its seaside and offshore luxury resorts, snorkeling and diving activities.

Do You Need a Passport to Go to Bora Bora?

Citizens of the U.S. will need a passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of intended departure from Bora Bora. You may also be required to show an onward plane ticket.

Do You Need a Visa to Travel to Bora Bora?

Americans do not require visa to visit Bora Bora for 90 days every six months. However, persons planning to stay in the country for more than 90 days will need to acquire a visa.

How to Get to Bora Bora?

There are no direct flights from the United States to Bora Bora. Your first flight will be to Faa’a International Airport in Tahiti. From Tahiti, flight to Bora Bora takes about 45 minutes.

You may also visit Bora Bora Island by cruise ships.

Covid-19 Protocol

Irrespective of the country you are coming from, the French Polynesia government requires that all visitors to be fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated visitors are subjected to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival.

All travelers who are 12 years and above are required to present to the air carrier upon boarding a negative result of a RT-PCR or antigen test, carried out within 24 hours prior to boarding their departing flight to French Polynesia. A RT-PCR test is mandated upon arrival at the expense of the traveler. Other information is contained here;

Other Medical Requirements

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend some vaccinations before visiting Bora Bora. They include vaccination against these diseases; hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Rabies, Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR), TDAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis), Chickenpox, Shingles, Pneumonia, Influenza, Polio and Meningitis.

Mosquito repellent and mosquito net are also recommended for prevention against Dengue.

Can I Use My Phone in Bora Bora?

French Polynesia uses the Global System for Mobiles (GSM) technology, you may be able to use your phone your U.S. cellular service provider with the mobile network Vinia ( If not, you can purchase a SIM card from Vini on arrival or from Air Tahiti Nui on the plane or online before departure from the U.S.(

Resorts and hotels often provide wireless connections for their customers, some free of charge and others, for an additional fee. Telephones are also available in hotel rooms for both international and local calls.