Do You Need a Passport to Go to Montreal?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Nov 8 2022

Ponds, rivers, parks, and mountains are some of the natural beauties that will delight your eyes while you are in Montreal. And when you have soaked in the outdoors, you will love the trendy bars, amazing restaurants, and great indoor experiences that await you. There is so much to do in this tourist destination, and each passing moment will serve as a lasting memory. But before you can delve into this dream come true, do you need a passport to go to Montreal?


Do You Need a Passport to Go to Montreal?

Visiting Montreal means you will cross the U.S.-Canada border, and each available transport means comes with its set of passport requirements. Let’s get into it:

  1. By Sea: If you’re cruising on a closed-loop cruise that starts and ends at a U.S. port, you do not need a passport and can use a WHTI-compliant document instead. But if the cruise begins or ends at a non-U.S. port, you will need a valid passport book.
  2. By Air: All U.S. citizens traveling to Montreal by air will need a valid passport book. This requirement applies to minors too.
  3. By Road: Adults can use WHTI-compliant documents at the border, while minors can use naturalization/ citizenship/ birth certificates.

Even when having a valid passport book is not mandatory, we advise getting one to help you act in an emergency. Do you need a passport to go to Montreal? We can get you one in just a few days, whether you are a first-time applicant or renewing your most recent passport. Call us at +1-833-TVP-VISA (887-8472) to get started.

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Can U.S. Citizens Travel to Montreal?

Canadian borders are open to U.S. citizens, and you can cross if you have a valid travel document per the preferred transport mode. Please ensure you carry your proof of accommodation, evidence of sufficient funds, and other supporting documentation to help you cross the border.


Is It Safe to Travel to Montreal Right Now?

Montreal is generally safe. We, however, advise you to exercise general precautions to ensure you do not fall victim to petty crimes. Also, stick to the tourist zones and avoid areas known to be dangerous.


When Is the Best Time to Go to Montreal?

Visiting Montreal from March to May and September to November allows you to enjoy mild weather and affordable accommodation.


Will My Phone Work in Montreal?

If you’re worried about being disconnected while in Montreal, here’s some good news. You can contact your loved ones, work on upcoming deadlines, and even scroll social media by:

  • Getting an international calling and data plan from your U.S. provider: Most U.S. companies are available in Montreal and will offer you a subsidized plan.
  • Using a local SIM card: If you have an unlocked phone, you can use a local SIM, which should cost you less than roaming.

People staying in hotels and visiting spots with WIFI can also rely on WIFI to keep in touch with those back home.