Do You Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Vallarta?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sat Jul 2 2022

Puerto Vallarta used to be a small fishing town on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Now, however, it has become an incredibly popular tourist destination, frequented by people across the globe. U.S nationals especially love Puerto Vallarta because of its sandy beaches and beautiful weather.

Do You Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Vallarta?

People often ask the question, “do you need a passport to go to Puerto Vallarta?” and the short answer is yes. You definitely need a passport to travel to this destination if you are a U.S resident. This applies for people who are traveling by airplane, train or any other mode of travel.

While a passport is mandatory for U.S citizens for going to Puerto Vallarta, there is one exception and that is for people on a closed loop cruise. For those who don’t know, a closed loop cruise is essentially a cruise that starts and finishes at the same U.S port. In cases like these, you can enter other territories without requiring a passport and these territories include places like Puerto Vallarta. However, if you are travelling to this resort town through regular routes, having a passport is a must.

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What Do I Need to Travel to Puerto Vallarta from the USA?

If you are a U.S national who loves to travel to different places, you may be wondering “what do I need to travel to Puerto Vallarta from USA”. Well, besides your passport, you will require a Mexican tourist card, also known as the FMM. Anyone who wishes to enter Mexico must fill this form. Visitors from the U.S will need to provide a purpose for their visit and proof of return flight.

You will also need to provide a bank statement or any other proof that shows you have sufficient money to cover your stay in Puerto Vallarta. Finally, travelers must provide their VISA, if necessary. If you are a citizen of the U.S and planning to visit Puerto Vallarta for less than six months, you will not need to show your visa.

However, you will need a Visa if your stay is going to be longer. Also, if you intend to do business in this resort town, you must apply for a work visa.

When Is the Best Time to Go to Puerto Vallarta?

While the weather in Puerto Vallarta is generally good all year, April and June are considered the best months to travel there. This is because the weather during these months is incredibly pleasant and there aren’t many tourists around, which also means that room rates would be affordable. If you plan to visit this area for whale watching, consider visiting between December and March. However, keep in mind that the travel fares and room rates during these months are astronomical.

Is It Safe to Travel to Puerto Vallarta Right Now?

If you have your passport for Puerto Vallarta, you may be wondering if it is safe to travel there. Fortunately, this is arguably the safest tourist destination in the country. The crime rate in this resort town is incredibly low, which means that you can enjoy your stay here with peace of mind.

Is It Expensive to Travel to Puerto Vallarta?

While traveling to this destination is not too expensive, some months can be quite costly for tourists. This is especially true when it comes to travel fares and room rates. If you just want to visit the place for sight-seeing and having a good time on a budget, summers would be the best option as not many people visit this destination during this time.

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