Do You Need a Passport to Go to Rocky Point?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Apr 22 2022

Rocky Point, now known as Puerto Penasco or Arizona Beach, is a small fishing village located at the northern tip of the Gulf of California in the beautiful Sea of Cortez. This place is a lovely destination for honeymoons, family vacations, spending weekends, and bachelors/bachelorette parties. Arizona & Sonora deserts are just a three or four-hour drive away.

The best time to go to Puerto Penasco is October to February. Several US citizens visit this place to spend their weekends joyfully and relaxedly. People can enjoy getting a massage on the beach, parasailing, kite surfing, jet skiing, riding ATVs through the desert, scuba diving, fishing, shopping, and authentic local cuisine.

Can US Citizens Travel to Rocky Point?

Are you also searching for ‘Can US citizens travel to the Rocky Point?’ If yes, don’t worry; you’ll get answers to all your questions here. The Mexican border is open now, and US citizens can go and return to the US without any problem. All you need to do is follow some instructions and rules which are necessary for your safety.

Do You Need a Passport to Go to Rocky Point?

Rocky point is considered a ‘Free Zone’, but this does not mean tourists can travel freely there. Every tourist should carry their passport and a valid Identity Card. You can go there by car, shuttle, or plane. Before choosing any mode of transport, you must check what things are allowed and what are not. Are you looking for an answer to ‘Do you need a passport to go to Rocky Point?’ All adults, as well as kids, must carry a driver’s license, birth certificate, and US passport to avoid hassles. Remember that visiting this place without carrying a passport for Rocky Point only means that you are going to put yourself into trouble.

Rocky Point Entry Requirements for US Citizens

It is crucial to know about Rocky Point entry requirements before planning and visiting this place. If you plan to travel to Rocky Point by car, you need to bring a passport card, vehicle registration papers, entry permit, enhanced driver’s license, ownership verification documents for towed units, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, etc. If you visit the place in a rented, leased, or company-owned vehicle, get an authorized letter from the original owner permitting you to take the vehicle to Mexico. You must bring pet vaccination records if you visit with your pets.

Covid-19 Protocol

Well, there are no strict Covid-19 protocols from the officials to go to the Rocky Point at the time of writing. It is better to carry a vaccination certificate or a negative certified RT-PCR test report. The rules in the Rocky Point are subject to change at any time; thus, you should be aware of them and carry everything required to avoid any last-minute problems. Some businesses impose restrictions and may offer discounts if you provide negative Covid test reports. Although it is not mandatory to provide a negative RT-PCR test report, you need to follow safety rules and wear a mask all the time.

What Is the Currency in Rocky Point?

Though the official currency of Puerto Penasco is the Mexican Peso, all the local merchants and hotels accept US dollars. Several resorts and bars prefer US dollars and even display their prices the same. In some cases, you can save money by exchanging and paying in Mexican currencies.

Will My Phone Work in Rocky Point?

Unfortunately, no US cell phones work in Rocky Point. AT&T/Cingular (International Plan) company is the only one that works there and is up 99% of the time. You can switch chips when you cross the border.