How Much Is a Passport Renewal in 2023?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Apr 10 2023

Once your passport expires or nears its expiry, you should renew it to meet the minimum entry requirements in most countries. Moreover, a valid passport allows you to engage in official transactions even in the U.S. When you apply for a passport renewal, you should compile the required documents, submit the paperwork to passport offices, and pay the applicable passport renewal fees. But how much is a passport renewal, and how should you go about the renewal process? Also, do any factors influence what you pay for passport renewal?


How Much is a Passport Renewal?

The passport renewal fees are not standard across all applications. Instead, they depend on several factors as follows:

  1. The type of passport application: You can apply for a passport book, a passport card, or both. The passport renewal fee in 2023 for a passport book is $130, while the passport card costs $30. So, if you wish to process both, you will pay a fee of $160.
  2. The extra services in the package: Passport renewal hinges on several processes, including passport photo processing and courier services. These are added costs that will affect the overall passport renewal application fee. You will need to calculate these costs separately to get an accurate figure.
  3. The timeline: Processing a passport renewal via the standard processes can take months to complete. But you always have the option to use expedited processes, which can help you get a passport in days to weeks. These services come at an extra cost which varies based on whether you want to get a passport in days or weeks. Travel Visa Pro offers such expediting services. And we can calculate your passport renewal cost once we have considered your timeline preference and the need for extra services.
  4. Your location: Passport renewal fees are subject to your location. People applying in the United States pay lower fees than those from Canada or other destinations abroad. You should also factor these costs into your application fee.

Does age affect the passport renewal price? The government considers people aged 16 and above as adults, while those under 16 are minors. The passport renewal fee for adults is the same for all passport applicants. However, this depends on the passport type, the timeline, and additional services. You can only get an accurate quote by considering all these factors.


How Do You Pay for a Passport Renewal?

Your payment method depends on how you submit your documents to the passport offices. The way you pay for a passport also affects your total price. So, how much is a passport renewal when using various payment options?

  1. Renewing via mail: If you send your application via mail, you can pay for the renewal via money orders and checks. You should not cancel these checks or orders before getting your passport. Else, you will incur extra fees atop the passport renewal fee for 10 years.
  2. Renewing in person: You can renew your passport by presenting your documents to the state passport offices. In such a case, you can use credit cards, checks, money orders, cash, or prepaid credit cards.

Your payment method will affect your passport renewal fee if you incur any extra charges resulting from transactions or penalties.


Expediting Passport Renewal

Passport renewals are subject to indefinite waiting periods as they depend on the backlog in the passport offices. But you don’t need to wait this long. Travel Visa Pro offers expedited passport renewal services that enable you to get a new passport in just a few days. How does it work?

  1. You prepare your passport renewal documents. These include your most recent passport, two passport photos, and a complete DS-82 form.
  2. You choose a timeline that matches your travel itinerary. We have a flexible timeline that ranges from a few days to weeks. And you can choose what works for you when making an application.
  3. You send or drop off your documents to the nearest TVP office. Our agents will review if your paperwork is correct and will submit it to the passport offices if it meets the requirements.
  4. You will get your new and old passports delivered to your doorstep in a few days.

And just like that, you will have a new passport which allows you to travel abroad without any limitations. So, what is the passport renewal expedited fee? The cost depends on your chosen timeline. You can use our website ordering system to get an exact quote.

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Who Can Renew Their Passport?

One of the things that can rack up your passport renewal costs is applying for a renewal, yet you do not qualify for one. You would incur the renewal costs yet would not get a passport as your application would get thrown out. So, who qualifies for a passport?

  1. Anyone who has a ten-year validity passport,
  2. Anyone who is over 16 and has previously held a passport. Minors cannot renew their passports and should get new ones instead.
  3. Anyone whose passport is in good condition. You cannot renew a damaged or altered passport.
  4. Anyone who has not changed their legal name or has supporting documents to show the change.

How much does it cost to renew a passport if you meet the above requirements? It will come down to the processing costs, payment method, your location, and whether you use extra services. Of course, our team can always provide you with an exact quote.