How to Sign U.S. Passport Correctly?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Apr 12 2023

Most people think their passports are valid for use if they have not expired, are in good condition, and have enough blank pages. However, your passport should also have your signature. Else, it will be invalid for official use. We show you how to sign passport to pass the validity test:


How to Sign U.S Passport?

The passport signing process is quite straightforward. Even so, you must ensure you don’t make any mistakes, as rectifying them can be costly and time-consuming. How should you go about it?

1. Ensure the details are correct: Signing a passport implies that you have verified the information in the book. So, before signing it, you should pay attention to the following details:

    • Your name,
    • Your gender,
    • Your photo, and
    • All other pertinent details.

If some information is missing or needs to be corrected, now is the time to bring up the issue. You can get a new passport for free if the state passport offices erred. And you can hand in the current passport. The process usually takes a few weeks though you can always expedite it.

2. Complete page 7: This page bears details subject to change, such as your address. So, it is best to fill it in with a pencil. That way, you can alter the information as needed. It also enables you to rectify mistakes by rubbing them off. Take caution when filling in this page to avoid damaging the passport.

3. Sign the passport: Flip to the second page and find the passport bearer signature section. Add your signature and leave it to dry to avoid smudging the book.

Part of knowing how to sign U.S. passport lies in avoiding mistakes such as signing a passport with incorrect details. Ensure you confirm the information before proceeding with a passport signature.

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Do I Need to Sign My Passport?

Per the U.S. passport signature rules, you must sign your passport for it to be valid. This validity helps you in the following ways:

  1. You can travel internationally and get through immigration authorities without hassle.
  2. You can use the passport for official transactions like marriage in a foreign country.

The idea behind signing your passport is to establish its validity and make it acceptable for legal use. So, it is not an optional but a mandatory process of getting a passport.


Passport Signature Rules

There are specific passport signature rules you must follow when signing your passport. They include the following:

  1. You must use a blue or black ink pen. Any other colors are not acceptable. Also, the signature is permanent. Thus, using pencils or other temporary markings is not acceptable.
  2. You must not damage the passport when signing it. As such, you should use a ballpoint pen to avoid scratching the book. You should also ensure the ink dries well to avoid smudging the book. Ideally, leave the book open for about ten minutes after signing it.
  3. Your signature should be within the bounds of the space above the “signature of bearer” line.

It’s best to sign the passport when you are not in a hurry. It reduces the chance of making a mistake that could invalidate the passport. We provide consultation services to help you address passport signature and other passport needs.


Where to Sign a Passport?

Knowing how to sign passport is one thing. But do you know where to sign passport? It is important to know where you should add your signature. So, where should this be? It is opposite the passport photo page under the “signature of bearer” section. Signing anywhere else renders the passport invalid.


U.S. Passport Signature of Bearer

When signing a passport, you adhere to the U.S. passport signature of bearer. But what is signature of bearer on passport? It refers to the validity of the passport. A passport book is only valid if the bearer signs it. Where the bearer cannot sign the passport, a person with legal authority on how to sign U.S. passport can take on the role. While passport books require signatures to be valid, this law does not apply to passport cards.


How to Sign a Passport for Minor?

Suppose you have a child. Should you sign their passport? There are two passport signature rules in this regard:

  1. The child can sign the passport: If the minor is old enough to understand how to sign passport, they can sign it without help.
  2. The adult can sign the passport: Children are often too young to understand how to sign U.S. passport. The law allows parents and guardians to step in and sign the documents on their behalf. You should indicate your signature and add your relationship with the minor next to the sign. For example, you can add that you are the mother of the minor.

The U.S. passport signature rules will apply to how to sign passport for minor as well. So, you should know how to sign passport to avoid damaging the passport.


How to Change Signature on Passport?

If you don’t follow the passport signature rules, your signature will not be valid. Sometimes, the mistake is not so bad that it would affect your transactions. But in others, the mistake is considerable and requires a change.

So, how should you deal with such a situation?

  1. Strike out the previous signature: Suppose you have signed your passport but have made an error. In this case, you can strike a line through the signature and sign afresh above the struck-off sign. You should adhere to the passport signature rules to avoid making a mess.
  2. Get a new passport: If you don’t know how to sign passport, you are likely to make a considerable mistake. Or you may have changed your signature such that it does not match that on your travel documents. In such situations, the best bet lies in changing the passport. You will need to prepare two passport photos, a complete DS-11 form, and proof of citizenship and identification.

Must you know how to change signature on passport? Not quite. While a passport signature validates your passport, most people will not pay too much attention to it if it follows the passport signature rules. Instead, they will focus on if you have the required travel documents. You can get away with differing signatures even during international travel.

However, if the mistake is so big that getting a new passport is the only option, TVP can expedite your application and get you a new one in just days. We also provide consultation, document review, and concierge services to speed up the process.