What Happens If I Signed My Passport Wrong?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Nov 18 2022

When signing your passport, you should use the standard signature shown on your driver’s license. And while it may seem like a straightforward process, you could err and realize, “I signed my passport wrong.” What next step should you take to ensure your passport maintains its validity?


What Happens If I Signed My Passport Wrong?

There are two types of mistakes you can make when signing a passport:

  1. A minor mistake: If you make a small error, you can strike the wrong signature with a single line. Then you can pen the correct signature on top of it.
  2. A big mistake: If the error cannot be rectified with a single strikethrough, you must submit a passport correction form to the state department. In this case, you will get a new passport and need to sign it again.

Ensure you sign your passport with blue or black ink to avoid correcting the signature again.


Can I Change My Signature on My Passport?

When you make a small mistake, you can strike it through and sign correctly on top of the strikethrough. But if the error is significant, you must apply for a new passport using the passport correction form.

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