Wrong Gender on a Passport: Can I Still Travel?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Mar 21 2023

Data and printing errors in passports are common. Sometimes, the names have wrong spellings. Or the dates of birth differ from the actual ones. Wrong gender on passport; can I still travel? You may even realize that the gender on your passport is not the same as the one you identify with! Do you stall your travel plans or stick to the initial itinerary in such a case?


Wrong Gender on Passport; Can I Still Travel?

Gender data errors can occur during passport processing. For example, a cis-gender female may find that her passport reads male. Can she travel with such a passport? Yes and no. Let’s explain this further.

Generally, a gender data error does not result in the invalidity of a passport. Thus, you can still use the passport for international travel. When traveling to tolerant countries, gender errors will not be an issue. But in less tolerant countries, this disparity can result in increased scrutiny. Some regions may even refuse to grant you entry based on this. As such, you need to consider your destination and decide if the error will get in the way.


What If My Passport Has the Wrong Gender?

Your choice of changing or sticking with the passport depends on where you wish to visit. Travelers to tolerant countries will not need to change their passports. But those traveling to regions where this might be an issue should change their details. And you can do this by submitting the following documents to the state department:

  • Form DS-5504,
  • Your current passport,
  • A document showing that the gender on the passport is wrong (optional), and
  • Two passport photos.

You will receive a new passport which will be valid for ten years. And you’ll have the liberty to travel to all regions without fear of being refused entry on arrival.


Gender Markers on U.S. Passports

Do all U.S. passports read male or female? Not quite. The gender on your passport does not need to reflect that on your birth certificate. Thus, you can choose male (M), female (F), or another identity (X).


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