Tanzania Visa Costs and Fees

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Feb 26 2018

Traveling abroad, regardless of where you plan on going, can often be a costly affair. However, by preparing yourself and your budget for some of the fees you’re likely to incur from your flight to immigration on arrival, you can alleviate some of that travel stress and just enjoy the trip. The entry requirements to Tanzania and the fees required for entry visas are examples of these costs.

As the gateway to Kilimanjaro and African safaris, Tanzania often attracts tourists looking for a getaway. However, there are plenty of reasons major cities see an influx of business travelers as well as those considering making the country a permanent home. Knowing which visa is applicable to each situation is essential before booking a flight.


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Tanzanian visa application process

Before leaving the country, US citizens have only one option for applying for visas to Tanzania. Whether you plan on doing so in person in Washington DC or through the post, the Embassy to the United Republic of Tanzania is the only consular office capable of supplying visas to the African nation (though mail-in applications through TVP can do the same).

It isn’t always necessary to apply for a visa to Tanzania in advance – transit visas may only be issued once at immigration – but doing so will ensure you have the means to gather all the documents and information you need rather than risking being sent back in Dar es Salaam or another port of entry. The Tanzanian embassy accepts walk-in applicants and can typically process tourist visa applications in five business days.

Tanzania visa costs and fees

All travelers to Tanzania need to bring:

1. Tanzanian visa application form
2. Two passport-sized photographs
3. US passport, with enough space for a visa stamp and valid for at least six months
4. Credit card, money order, or check for payment

All the different types of visas issued below can be issued in five business days, with the exception of the transit visa issued on arrival in Tanzania. For an additional $20, rush service is available. This will reduce the turnaround time to three business days. Next day processing is also available for an additional $50, as is same-day service for $100.

Single entry visas: $50
Multiple entry visas: $100
Business visas: $250
Transit visas: $30

How long can I stay in Tanzania?

Tanzania allows US citizens to apply for single-entry visas for up to three months in the country for tourism. In addition, multiple-entry visas can be accepted for up to twelve months, business visas for up to three months, and transit visas good for a one-week stay (requires proof of ongoing travel). The maximum allowable stay is subject to the discretion of consular and immigration agents; bringing documents highlighting the reason for your visit is essential to being granted a long stay in Tanzania.

Business visas to Tanzania

If you are planning to apply for a business visa, remember to include an additional passport photo, a Security Bond form, and a business registration certificate for the inviting company. Having a copy of your travel itinerary with arrival and departure dates will help the embassy determine if you qualify for a multiple-entry visa.

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Safety and security in Tanzania

Taking advantage of some of the safeguards in place for US citizens traveling abroad is always a good idea prior to any trip. By registering with the US State Department, you will receive notifications via email or on your local phone for travel warnings and any relevant news. The US embassy in Tanzania will be aware of your arrival, and expect your departure on the date you provide.

If you’re concerned about your safety prior to your trip and would like our Trip Registration service, need your passport renewed in under eight hours, or would like some assistance with your Tanzania visa application, Travel Visa Pro has nine offices staffed with experts trained to facilitate your application, whatever it may be. In addition, dozens of pick up and drop off locations are now available across the country, offering free shipping with the purchase of some of our services.

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