Travel Visa Pro and What Makes Us Different….

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Jun 22 2012

Have you ever searched on Google for passports or visas? Or even better, a passport and visa expediter? Oh my!!! There are hundreds, if not thousands of companies listed on every nook and cranny of the search page. How do you know which company is reputable, experienced, the best price, or customer friendly? The thing is you don’t! Of course you can search on yelp, city search, or maybe a friend told you about a fantastic firm. Let’s face it, when it comes to your passport and visas; you want reliability, accountability, and experience. This is where Travel Visa Pro sets the bar.


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First and foremost, we strive to create the “fireside chat” with our clients. We don’t want it to seem like you are speaking to a robot, but rather an individual who understands your unique situation. Trust me, every request is inherently unique. Our reps guarantee to give you updated pricing, processing times, and the most economically, viable solution for your intrinsic issue.  Included in this hands on service is a confirmation of receipt of documents via email or telephone and we will immediately follow up with you if anything is missing. Your documents are just as important to us as they are to you.

Second, we have a fluid, transparent webpage which allows you to see every step of the process. I, personally like to refer to it as the “dominos pizza” process, referring to their completely track-able pizza process. Ours is very similar. Updates are provided via email every time a step is completed and you can always check our page to see what stage your package is at.

BUT WHAT really makes Travel Visa Pro stand apart from the rest of the expediter companies is some of our unique skill sets which allow for smooth visa facilitation. Take a look below for some of the exclusive things ONLY we can offer!

  1. The overwhelmingly majority of our staff members are versed in a plethora of languages which includes Russian, Arabic, and Spanish. This allows for an easy translation of your documents, exceptional dialogue with the Embassy to explain issues, and the ability to interface with our clients who may feel more comfortable speaking in their native tongue.
  2. Same Day Ghana VisasSeriously??!! Yes, we can provide a same day service to procure your Ghana visa, BUT this can ONLY happen in our Houston office on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
  3. We offer a next day Nigeria visas service in our Washington, DC office!
  4. Next day and 2 day Saudi Arabia visas can be arranged.
  5. Same day and next day Russia visas are available upon request, but it is best to discuss your options with our staff.
  6. Same day Vietnam options are available
  7. Fully capable and outfitted to handle legislations of documents.

These are just a few of the wonderful, unique things that Travel Visa Pro can accomplish. We are 100% committed to meeting your expectations. In fact, we have had several occasions where our staff has taken their personal time after work to deliver a passport or visa. Sometimes this includes airport deliveries, office, or even an out of state drive to a client’s house in the middle of the night. We stop at nothing to get it done!

After gaining some insight into our company, I hope you feel more comfortable and understand Travel Visa Pro is one of kind. We are small, family like business; whom outrival our competitors by providing the client with the most accurate, economic, and viable solution for their fundamental travel needs!