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Getting documents prepared to be recognized in foreign countries isn’t always the easiest process. Apostille certification is the standard method for the countries under the Hague Convention. Others require an Authentication Certificate.

If you’re looking for Apostille Certification in Austin, there are a few ways to go about this. Living in the state capital gives Austinites the advantage of not having to drive (or walk) far to reach the office of the Secretary of State at the Texas State Capitol. State offices like these can provide Apostille certification for documents like UT transcripts and marriage certificates.

Even if you’re based in Austin, you can choose to ship your documents directly to this office (though in-person applications are always given priority). However, doing so will not make your application go through any faster than if you had been mailing something from El Paso or Midland; it will still take a few days to process an Apostille that you might not have to otherwise apply for a visa or renew a passport.

Nevertheless, if you’re already in Austin, a state-issued Apostille might be easier to obtain than a federal one. Any documents issued by the US government like naturalization papers or criminal background checks can only be given an Apostille in person or through the mail at the US State Department in Washington DC. If you thought the wait for the Secretary of State in Austin was long, just imagine what the bureaucracy is like on the east coast.

When you’re looking for an alternative in town, Travel Visa Pro in Austin offer all the services you need in one stop. Driving across the city for passport applications, and Apostille certification may not be the way you want to spend your time before you travel, whether it’s for business or leisure. Travel Visa Pro’s team of travel experts have over forty years of experience getting our clients the travel documents they need in the time they need.


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Apostille Services in Austin, TX


Living far away from the services you need to travel – Department of State, Secretary of State, consulates, regional passport office – means having to ship documents with careful planning; before you send in your Apostille and passport to a consulate, you may need to apply for a passport renewal. Travel Visa Pro can significantly cut down on the time at every step of this application process by offering all the travel services you need at one location in Austin. By entrusting your visa or passport applications to TVP, you can rest assured we’ll handle state and federal Apostille or Authentication certification when needed, depending on whether you need a work visa to South Korea and require a federal Apostille for a criminal background check, or are planning to study abroad and need a state Apostille for a university diploma.


Apostille for Specific Documents

Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Certificate of Naturalization
Death Certificate
FBI Background Check
IRS Form 6166
Certificate of Good Standing
Certificate of Incorporation
Social Security Letter
Divorce Certificate / Decree
Single Status Affidavit
Power of Attorney
Criminal Record Check
Identity Documents or Passports
Divorce Decree
Notarized Bank Statement



How to Get an Apostille in Austin, Texas?

The easiest way to get an apostille stamp is to deliver the document that you want to get notarized and apostilled to the Travel Visa Pro Austin office. In case you’d like to go through the entire process yourself, you should head to the Texas Secretary of State’s Office.

How Long is the Austin Apostille Process?

The fastest option to get a document apostilled is to use our Travel Visa Pro Austin services. In case you’re going to the complicated process yourself, to receive an Apostille for your documents, you could wait nearly 15 business days for the process to complete.

Where Can I Apostille a Birth Certificate in Austin, Texas?

Feel free to contact our TVP Austin representatives by mail, phone or by an appointment for any apostille inquiries, including various certificates and documents.


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