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Living in Bakersfield, do you often feel like you have to travel far to access services most people take for granted? When it comes to international traveler, the first step isn’t heading to the airport or even booking the flight; it’s knowing what documents you need to travel legally. Getting a passport in Bakersfield should be every traveler’s first priority, or checking to see if an existing one will be valid for at least six months prior to arrival. Failure to do so can mean costly and avoidable delays, which would have been time better spent abroad.


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Travel Visa Pro offers our passport services to Bakersfield residents through our Los Angeles office. Whether you feel like a drive to come see us in person or want to do everything through the mail, our staff are ready to assist travelers with their trips. Our LA offices are located in the same area as many foreign consulates, giving our staff easy access to visa applications. When it comes time to look for a passport renewal agency in Bakersfield, we hope you’ll choose Travel Visa Pro to demystify the process.


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