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As one of the most remote cities in Texas, El Paso still remains popular for international travelers. Some cross the border by land, others hop a flight to Houston and head to destinations unknown. Whether it’s a book or a card, your passport from El Paso is just a short application away.

The good news about being a Texan and needing a passport renewal agency in El Paso is having access to a passport agency with qualified travel professionals. Same day passports in El Paso can be processed in as little as eight hours by Travel Visa Pro’s Houston team, with expedited ones expected the next business day.


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A visa to Mexico may not be necessary, but checking to make sure you have a valid travel document before heading into Juarez certainly is. Ensuring your passport has over six months’ validity with plenty of blank pages is a must for any regular business traveler. Whether you go to a passport agency in El Paso or ship your documents to a nearby city, make sure you get the services you deserve when it’s time to travel.


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