Our expedited passport in Houston service can be found deep in the heart of Texas and helps serve Travel Visa Pro clients interested in traveling to any of the 200+ countries around the world. We offer professional passport services and all the assistance you need with your travel, advising you how long various consulates take to process paperwork, what they need and how much they charge. Need a new passport for your child? We can help with the photos, paperwork, and processing. Needs a tourist visa to Brazil? Everything is possible with Travel Visa Pro passport agency. From our opening day, the company has served thousands of travelers and generates most of its business from repeat and referred customers.


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Expedited Passport in Houston, TX


Applying for passport in Houston or visas at any number of local consulates isn’t a walk in the park, but can be facilitated by choosing a company like Travel Visa Pro that is designed to meet your needs. As an applicant renewing a passport, it’s a little daunting to walk into a passport office in any city and just assume you have all the documentation you need to avoid delays processing your paperwork and get you on your trip as schedule. Form DS-82 and an undamaged passport book after ten years of use in multiple countries may cause travelers to consider accepting assistance when renewing their passports.

If you’re looking for an expedited passport in Houston, these passport services are generally available for a price. Consider the processing time required for your passport or visa applications at nearby consulates and how long it will take Travel Visa Pro passport agency to take to hand you a new passport book.


Rush Emergency Passport in Houston Services

This service is not just for lost or damaged passports, it is also ideal if your passport has expired or has less than six months remaining validity. Many countries will deny passengers entry into the country if there is less than six months left on a passport so you may want to renew yours if the country you are planning on visiting has such a restriction.

The experts at Travel Visa Pro provide an efficient and hassle-free service and handle all aspects of the application, ensuring that a potentially highly stressful process runs smoothly. Applying through Travel Visa Pro ensures that you will have your passport in your hands as soon as possible and you will be ready to head off on your vacation.


  1. Proof of international travel, especially if you intend to order expedited passport service.
  2. One passport-sized photo
  3. Current US Passport, undamaged, issued after the age of 16, and issued less than 15 years ago
  4. Form DS-82
  5. If you have changed your name for any reason, you must provide legal documents to that effect.
  6. $110 fee, plus an additional $60 for expedited processing

If you’re planning on traveling in a hurry (two weeks or less), it never hurts to apply at a passport agency like Travel Visa Pro. Sending in your passport documents directly to the US State Department does not mean you’ll be guaranteed delivery in the time you want, even with additional fees.

Why would you choose Houston if you live closer to another passport agency? If the BBQ and accents aren’t enough to keep you in Texas, the largest city in the state boasts air traffic comparable to other international hubs and hosts a number of foreign consulates to facilitate processing visa applications after your passport goes through. Before renewing your passport or applying for your first one, explore the passport services available at Travel Visa Pro in Houston.


Houston Passport Expediting Services


Even if you already hold a valid passport, remember many countries do not allow entry for American citizens who have fewer than six months’ validity on their documents. Getting a passport renewal will help prevent any potential problems you may face at a border crossing by flying in with a travel document set to expire soon.  Travel Visa Pro’s expedited passport in Houston service include processing your application by the end of the day to ensure you travel on time.


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How to get a passport in Houston?

Are you ready to get a passport in Houston? We handle all kinds of applications. Just provide us with the required documents, sign a letter of authorization, and leave the rest of the work to us – that is all it takes, and you can have your passport ready in time for your next flight.

Where to get a passport in Houston?

We are committed to delivering excellent service that is convenient to our clients. You can thus make your passport application using our online service or visit us at 2401 Fountain View Dr, #461B, Houston, TX 77057. For rush passport services, please call us at 713-936-0773 so we can expedite your application.

How much is a passport in Houston?

The cost of your application depends on two essential things. The first is the kind of passport you want, e.g., name changes cost less than new applications. The second is the urgency of your application. Expedited processes cost more than standard applications. Kindly contact us to find out what applies to your case.

How long does it take to get a passport in Houston?

Passport processing times are not fixed. Standard new passport and renewal applications can take a few days to a week to process, while second passports can span a few days to a few weeks. Expedited processes can take as little as 24 hours. Contact us to know how fast you can get your passport.