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Texans looking to have documents certified to be recognized in foreign countries may discover it isn’t always a straightforward process. For the 100+ countries that fall under the Hague Convention, Apostille certification is the standard. For others – including China – an Authentication Certificate is necessary.

If you’re looking for Apostille Certification in Houston, there are a few options to explore. Though driving all the way to Austin may not be ideal, having the office of the Secretary of State at the Texas State Capitol within a short drive is a luxury denied to residents of many states. State offices can certify documents like Rice University transcripts and marriage certificates, to name a few.

Those seeking a state-issued Apostille can choose to drive to Austin. However, you may choose to ship your documents. This will still take a few days you might not have to apply for a visa or renew a passport.

Similarly, any federally issued documents like naturalization papers can only be given an Apostille at the US Department of State in Washington DC. While those seeking either type of Apostille can choose to mail in their documents or apply in person, driving to Austin (or DC) isn’t always practical.

When you’re looking for a locally sourced alternative, Travel Visa Pro in Houston offer all the services you need in one stop. Running across town or the state for passport photos, Apostille certification, and a work visa from a foreign consulate may not be the way you want to spend your time prior to a trip, whether for business or leisure. Travel Visa Pro’s team of travel experts have over forty years of experience getting our clients the travel documents they need in the time they need.

Apostille services, like any other form of bureaucracy, require specific paperwork in order to successfully authenticate any document. Just as with visa application, Apostilles may be rejected for missing information, resulting in trip delays. Because these documents are commonly used for business purposes, this can cost time and money applicants simply may not have.

As popular as Austin is, it holds only a fraction of the population of Texas. Houston residents aren’t very likely to drive over a hundred miles to the west or thousands of miles to the east coast for Apostille certification. Living far away from the services you need to travel – Department of State, Secretary of State, consulates, regional passport office – means having to ship documents with careful planning; before you send in your Apostille and passport to a consulate, you may need to apply for a passport renewal.


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Travel Visa Pro’s travel experts can significantly cut down on the time at every step of this application process by offering all the travel services you need in one location. Come to us with your visa and passport needs in Houston, and we’ll handle state and federal Apostille certification for you, whether you need certification for marriage certificates, business agreements, criminal background checks, or university transcripts.


Apostille for Specific Documents

Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Certificate of Naturalization
Death Certificate
FBI Background Check
IRS Form 6166
Certificate of Good Standing
Certificate of Incorporation
Social Security Letter
Divorce Certificate / Decree
Single Status Affidavit
Power of Attorney
Criminal Record Check
Identity Documents or Passports
Divorce Decree
Notarized Bank Statement


How to Get an Apostille in Houston Texas?

To get an Apostille for certified documents in Houston, Texas, you can acquire the services of Travel Visa Pro. The passport and visa agency can forward your application and handle the processing on your behalf. The certified documents go through the Secretary of State’s office, where they are apostilled.

Where Can I Get My Birth Certificate Apostille in Houston?

To get an Apostille for your birth certificate, you have to request an original copy of the birth certificate with the reason being stated as “Apostille”. Along with the required standard fee, you can send the certified document to the Secretary of State’s office for further processing in Houston. Alternatively you could contact one of our Houston office representatives.

How to Get an Apostilled Birth Certificate in Houston Texas?

You have to send your birth certificate to the office of the Secretary of State where your Apostille will go under processing. Make sure you send an original copy of your birth certificate. The faster and easier option is to contact Travel Visa Pro Houston.

How to Get a Marriage Certificate Apostille in Houston Texas?

To get an Apostille for your marriage certificate in Houston, you have to contact the registrar where the event took place. Once you have the required legal marriage certificate from the office of the registrar, you can send it to the Secretary of State’s office for processing. Travel Visa Pro Houston office can help you with all the apostille inquiries quickly.

Where to Apostille a Document in Houston?

Contact one of our Travel Visa Pro representatives or book an appointment in the Houston office for fast an reliable apostille services. Alternatively, the Secretary of State’s office is where you’ll be sending your documents to receive an Apostille for every document. From birth certificates to marriage certificates, original copies of these documents will be reviewed by the office of the Secretary of State before granting apostilles.


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