Our expedited passport in Los Angeles service is provided in a passport agency uniquely situated by consulates on the west coast to provide passport services and visa assistance to business and leisure travelers. Whether you’re looking for a tourist visa to China, planning a business trip to Saudi Arabia, or just need to get your passport renewal processed quickly, Travel Visa Pro can help, often fulfilling your needs just in a few days. Trust the experts when one small error can cause the loss of your time and money. Travel Visa Pro can be reached round the clock.


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Expedited Passport in Los Angeles, CA


If you are looking for a new passport or if you need to renew your passport at the biggest international hub in the United States is a wise decision. Because Travel Visa Pro passport agency is in the heart of DTLA, not far from several consulates in West Hollywood, you’ll have the opportunity to get a expedited passport in Los Angeles with a team of travel experts with time to spare for visa applications to a number of countries.

Whether you’re applying for a passport in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the country, you’ll need your current, original, undamaged book (expired or valid), two copies of the DS-82 form, a check for $170 made out to the US Department of State, evidence of immediate travel, two original and signed authorization forms from TVP, and two passport-sized photos. If you need new photos for your passport but don’t have time before coming to Travel Visa Pro passport agency, it’s no problem for us. We offer passport pictures for $20 on top of your renewal application fee. Just a friendly reminder that as of November 2016, no glasses may be worn for official pictures.


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If you’re planning on getting a expedited passport in Los Angeles, the US Department of State currently offers 26- and 52-page books. New pages are no longer allowed to be added to your existing book as of January 2016, so the cost is the same whether you need to use your book for a vacation once a year (26 pages) or regular business travel (52 pages).

The process to renew an expired passport is remarkably simple with Travel Visa Pro passport services. Whether you have plenty of time before your flight or need your application completed in a hurry, our travel experts can process your passport quickly. Of course, we understand that some travelers come to us for emergencies; if you need your documents processed within eight hours, Travel Visa Pro can assist with our Emergency Service. On the other hand, if you plan on leaving the country with more than a few weeks’ notice, our Budget Service starts at $89.

Be sure to take advantage of our Form Fill Service if you’re having trouble with the DS-82 forms or the passport authorization forms we will need to successfully process your application. Travel Visa Pro in Los Angeles experts will be at your side assisting you with complicated paperwork. Just be sure to bring your original documents and personal information to help us complete your application.


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Why choose Travel Visa Pro passport services? Just walking into the nearest passport agency and expecting they’ll be able to process your application in the time you need is a risk to any travel plans. If you don’t know exactly what you need, any missing documents can mean delays of days or weeks, which can potentially ruin airline reservations months in the making. Our Los Angeles passport agency is filled with travel experts with over forty years of experience handling visa and passport applications. Whether you simply want someone knowledgeable to double check your application, or need a new passport urgently, our LA staff can assist. They can help you gather your passport documents every step of the way with our Concierge Service. A passport professional will be assigned to personally handle your application and ensure you make your flight with your new passport in hand.

Our visa services in Los Angeles operate in the same way. If you’re looking for a tourist visa to China or Brazil, our team of experts can help process your application as quickly as possible. Where some travelers have trouble dealing with the intricacies of visa applications, our staff have relationships with consulates to get your papers through the backdoor and into your hands without a hassle. Ten years of service, thousands of satisfied clients, and demystifying visas and passports has made our expedited passport in Los Angeles company a leader in the industry.


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How to get an expedited passport in Los Angeles?

Make an appointment at the regional office or use a licensed expedited passport courier service if there aren’t any openings before you leave for your trip. You need to get the necessary documents ready, such as your proof of citizenship. Travel Visa Pro is one of the most popular passport expediting services for Americans who want to travel worldwide.

How to get a passport fast in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, we at Travel Visa Pro make sure that passport applications are processed more quickly. This is made possible thanks to new online platforms that streamline the United States passport application process. Due to the nature of this mode of passport processing, applicants are liable to make errors or tender incorrect documents. This is why Travel Visa Pro made experts available to avoid errors and verify the authenticity of documents.

How to get a same-day passport in Los Angeles?

If you live in Los Angeles, you can get your passport as quickly as possible. We at Travel Visa Pro can help you do that. With their expedited service, you could get your passport in a little while. In many cases, applicants have been seen to make demands for United States passports, and Travel Visa Pro has satisfied their needs.

How to get a passport in Los Angeles?

Because Los Angeles is a very famous city in the country, getting a passport can be done at several agencies. But to get started, applicants need to fill out the application form after booking an appointment. Other documents, such as evidence of citizenship, must also be presented. We at Travel Visa Pro in Los Angeles can assist you in obtaining your passport without glitches.

Where to get a passport in Los Angeles?

There are various passport agencies in Los Angeles where you may get your passport. It is possible to get your United States passport with Travel Visa Pro. For more information, please contact 833-887-8472. In the same way, you may get your United States passport at the Airport Finance Station Post Office, located in Los Angeles.

How much is a passport in Los Angeles?

Thanks to our tiered service fees, you can choose how much you would like to pay to process your passport application. The costs relate to the standard government fees, the timeline you select, and the type of passport you want (e.g., a replacement, a renewal, etc.) Please ask for an accurate quote regarding your application.

How long does it take to get a passport in Los Angeles?

There is no standard amount of time a passport takes to get processed. It depends on the type of passport you want and how fast you wish to receive it. For example, replacing a damaged passport takes a few days to a week based on your chosen tier. But you can always expedite your application.