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Getting Apostille Certification in San Antonio leaves travelers with a few options to consider. Because state-issued certification must go through the office of the Secretary of State in Austin, driving to the capital in a day trip is possible, but not always ideal; like any other government office, it only accepts applications during normal business hours. Offices like the one in Austin can certify documents like university transcripts and marriage certificates issued by the State of Texas.

But why is an Apostille necessary in the first place, and what does it have to do with traveling abroad? Documents that may be certified in the US can only be recognized in foreign countries with an Apostille. This applies for the 100-odd countries that fall under the Hague Convention. Other countries require an Authentication Certificate.

As with any application process, there are certain procedures to follow in a visa application to ensure everything can be accepted by a foreign consulate: provide standard-sized photos; make sure your passport has at least six months’ validity; in some cases, an Apostille may be necessary for certain documents supporting your visa application, e.g. a criminal background check with an Apostille by the US government to prove you are legally able to leave the country and won’t cause any trouble abroad.

Those seeking a state-issued Apostille in San Antonio can choose to drive or mail their application to Austin. However, any federally issued documents like naturalization certificates can only be given an Apostille at the US Department of State in Washington DC… a bit longer than your standard day trip.

Those seeking either type of Apostille can choose to mail in their applications separately, but this isn’t always ideal. Having multiple documents floating across the country waiting for the proper authorities to sign off on them can leave travelers in a bit of a panic before an international trip, relying on hope everything will be returned on time.


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When it comes down to the wire, your passport renewal, visa application, and Apostille certification can all be processed in the same place. Travel Visa Pro’s staffed offices in Houston offer all the services you need in one stop, and pick up and drop off locations are available in both Austin and San Antonio. There’s no reason to travel far or entrust your applications to multiple agencies when the experts at Travel Visa Pro can handle it all at the same time. We can significantly cut down on the time at every step of this application process. Come to us with your visa and passport needs in San Antonio, and we’ll handle state and federal Apostille certification for you, whether you need certification for marriage certificates, articles of incorporation, or criminal background checks.

Dealing with paperwork and bureaucracy may not be the way you want to spend your time prior to a trip, whether for business or leisure. Travel Visa Pro in San Antonio team of travel experts have over forty years of experience getting our clients the travel documents they need in the time they need.


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