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What is an Apostille, and why would world travelers ever need one? If you’re planning on visiting another country for business or pleasure, you might be required to provide documents that are easily certified by the appropriate authorities in the Unites States, but which means very little abroad. An Apostille solves this problem by having a state or federal agency issue a special certification that allows an official document in the US to be recognized in another country. This is dependent on the type of document and where it was issued. For example, university transcripts may be given an Apostille at the Secretary of State in Sacramento, while an FBI criminal background check can only be issued an Apostille at the US Department of State.

Because this process may be required for certain work visas or business conducted abroad, residents of San Diego may feel the need to panic if they discover these requirements at the last minute. In addition to documents like these, there’s the matter of basic travel concerns like visa applications and passport renewals.

Many travelers may have never had to obtain Apostille certification for their travels, especially if they were solely for tourism, transiting, or volunteering. Apostille certification is just one method of having documents recognized abroad. Countries following the Hague Convention – about a hundred – follow this standard, but others do not, demanding Authentication certificates; same concept, different process.

Anyone in San Diego seeking Apostille certification at the state or federal level can mail their documents to Sacramento and Washington DC, respectively, or apply in person. Of course, this isn’t always feasible if you work a regular job; the offices only accept applications during regular business hours, and traveling to the east coast isn’t an option afforded to many travelers.

As such, anyone may choose to ship their documents to these respective offices, but the processing time may not be ideal depending on their departure date. Do you have days or weeks to book a flight, apply for a passport renewal, mail in documents to both the state and federal level to be given an Apostille, and use all that information when it comes time to apply for a work visa? A delayed Apostille can mean the difference between comfortable catching your flight with a valid visa in hand, and sweating over the mail each day prior to departure.


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