Travel Visa Pro passport agency offers all expedited passport in Seattle solutions in one place. It is especially useful for customers seeking help with future travels. Located in the historic Smith Tower of downtown Seattle, we specialize in visas in Arab states of the Persian Gulf to Southeast Asia and South America. Travel Visa Pro was started with a vision to become the most efficient and customer friendly online passport and visa expediting company. The owners envisioned being able to help in the most desperate situation and at the same time offer a budget and efficient processing for price-conscious consumer. Be sure to visit any of our nine offices nationwide.


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Anyone who has ever had to renew or apply for a new passport has probably had to deal with a passport agency, either in person or through the mail. These offices handle all types of passport applications, from those applying for second passports to getting a passport for their first child. With another travel season quickly approaching, what options are there for Americans looking to renew their travel documents?

There are a number of different passport agencies available for Americans nationwide, but getting a new passport or renewal isn’t always as simple as walking through the door of one and navigating the paperwork yourself. Peak travel times (and the closure of other offices) can lead to delays that travelers often can’t afford, due to airline policies on cancelling or rescheduling flights and the additional time required to apply for visas. What might take only a few weeks in February can easily turn into several weeks or even months in June under the wrong circumstances.


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US passport renewals are complicated procedures in and of themselves. In addition to paperwork like Form DS-82 and ensuring your original passport is undamaged after ten years of being carried from one country to the next, travelers still need to consider the time frame when renewing their passports. Passport agencies do offer expedited processing for a fee, but even this isn’t a guarantee if you have a flight leaving the next day or need time to submit your passport to the Brazilian consulate for a visa.

When you need to expedite your passport in Seattle, you want to choose a company that not only can process your application quickly and efficiently – ensuring it won’t be rejected due to missing information – but can continue to work for you to apply for visas to your destination. You want a company filled with employees who have relationships with embassy and consulate staff in addition to the US Department of State and can get you the documents you desperately need in a hurry.


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Seattle in particular is uniquely situated to help those for whom international travel is paramount. The city boasts over twenty consulates, and is a stone’s throw from Vancouver, Canada, where there are about sixty. Proximity to these government offices can help expedite visa applications. However, for passport renewals and first-time applications, Travel Visa Pro passport agency has trained staff to process documents in a hurry.

If you have a valid passport but are planning a long-term international trip soon, please keep in mind that many countries do not allow entry for passports with fewer than six months’ validity. The general rule of thumb is to renew your passport nine months prior to departure to prevent any hassles at the border. By applying for a passport renewal, you’ll not only ensure you receive a new ten-year book prior to your travel, but can take the time to enjoy the delights of the Pacific Northwest.


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How to get a passport in Seattle?

Getting a passport in Seattle, Washington, using conventional means can have you waiting weeks to months before getting a response. We provide an easy way to get your passport within the shortest time possible. All you need is to contact our team and find out which documents you need to provide.

Where to get a passport in Seattle?

Would you like hands-on support during your passport application? Our office at 600 1st Ave, Ste 12, Seattle, WA 98104, is brimming with agents who can review and submit your passport documents. We also have an online application system to guide you through this process. Plus, you can reach us at 206-855-5185 or

How much is a passport in Seattle?

Curious as to how much you need to get a passport in Seattle? Our agents can provide you with a quote upon considering the type of passport you want, how fast you wish to receive it, and whether you would like to benefit from our specialist services during the application. Kindly contact us at 206-855-5185.

How long does it take to get a passport in Seattle?

Your application can take anything from a day to several weeks. To know how long it would take to receive your passport, we must consider what document you want and how fast you would like to have it processed. Provide us with these details, and we will get back to you with a quote.