Apostille for Mexico

Mexico, the second-largest economy in Latin America, is an integral part of the world economy and for the United States. Traveling to Mexico has become vital with a thriving economy and ample natural resources. With its lush beaches, Mexico is also the second most visited country in America’s behind the United States.

The requirement to legalize documents

If you are making it to Mexico, you must carry your valuable documents along with you. Thanks to the Hague Convention of 5th October 1961, it abolished the need to legalize documents by your respective diplomatic or consular service.

A total of 100+ countries, including Mexico, are signatories for the Hague Convention and all you need to provide is a notarized document that is apostilled, certifying the signature of authenticity.

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While most of the visits to Mexico have been tourists, there has also been another significant percentage of individuals who make it to the country for business, work, and investments.

Regardless of your purpose of visit, you will need some documentation when you travel, particularly if the period of stay is going to be extended.

Key documents that someone will need to carry will be:

  • Your birth certificate, your partner’s, and kids (if any)
  • Certificate of Marriage
  • Certificate of death
  • Divorce decrees
  • Court documents
  • Corporate documents – business incorporation, articles of association, etc

When you decide to carry the above documents, it will be crucial to be notarized and apostilled to be valid in Mexico.

Certificates about birth and marriage are crucial in terms of personal identity. These documents can be essential for finding rental spaces and registering with the local government for any incentives. In case of a death, the death certificate issued in an overseas country will only be valid if the document is apostilled.

It is essential to have selected business incorporation documents apostilled to clear clarity in getting started in Mexico when it comes to the investor front.

Apostille for Mexico – Getting your documents ready

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We also offer a service for translations if you need the legal documents translated by a certified professional from English to Spanish and vice-versa.

Note: We can assist you with documents issued inside the United States only. However, if your document origin is Mexico, you must contact the proper authorities to help you in Mexico.