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Bahrain Visa

Tourist visas: Apply for two-week tourist visas online on the Bahraini government website or upon arrival in the country. Ask for five-year multiple entry visas at Bahraini embassies.

U.S. Diplomatic and Official passport holders: Request a no-fee two-week visa upon arrival.

Journalism visas: Journalists must have a journalism visa.

Be prepared to answer questions regarding your purpose of travel. Be sure to leave Bahrain before your visa expires; otherwise, you face heavy fines and possible arrest and/or deportation.

Working in Bahrain: To work in Bahrain you must have the following:

Valid work visa
Residency permit
Local identification card
Consult Bahrain’s Labor Market Regulatory Authority for complete details.

Obtain a valid work permit and signed employment contract before arriving in Bahrain. The contract should clearly state:

Provisions related to relocation expenses
Type of housing and number of occupants
Any visa fees to be paid by the employee
Salary payment schedule and any salary penalties
Terms of probation period
Who pays transportation expenses, should the contract be terminated
Do not work in Bahrain on a tourist visa. Even if employers advise you otherwise, Bahraini authorities will hold you personally liable if you do not have a valid work permit.

Authenticating Documents for Your Employment Permit

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