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Bangladesh Visa

Passports and Visas:

Passports must be valid for six months beyond your planned stay in Bangladesh, have at least one blank page, and have a Bangladeshi visa. You must possess an onward or return ticket.
U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for a tourist visa on arrival; however, we strongly recommend obtaining a visa before traveling. Visit the Embassy of Bangladesh website for visa information.
Short term travelers can be denied entry if they cannot demonstrate sufficient financial liquidity.
Visas must be in a valid passport. In country, you may obtain a replacement visa at the Department of Immigration and Passports. Replacing a visa, which is required in order to exit the country, may take three to four business days.
There are penalties for overstaying a visa, and it can be very difficult and time-consuming to change immigration status after arrival. Overstay penalties are as follows:
1 to 15 days = 200 Bangladeshi taka per day + 160 U.S. dollar (or equivalent in Bangladeshi taka) processing fee
16 to 30 days = 500 Bangladeshi taka per day + 160 U.S. dollar (or equivalent in Bangladeshi taka) processing fee
31 days or more = Adjudication at immigration office
For further information, visit the Bangladeshi Immigration Police website.

Exit Taxes:

When traveling by air, all foreigners except children under the age of two must pay a departure tax. While often included when air tickets are purchased, it may be collected at the airport at the time of departure. The amount varies depending on the destination.
If departing by road in a private vehicle, you must obtain a road exit permit by contacting the Director General, Immigration and Passports. A refundable cash deposit is typically required; the amount of the deposit is based on the value of the vehicle.
U.S.-Bangladesh Dual Nationals:

If you are a U.S.-Bangladeshi dual national, you and your immediate family members are eligible for a “No Visa Required for Travel to Bangladesh” seal. Your nearest Bangladeshi Embassy or Consulate can issue this seal in your U.S. passport.
If you hold both U.S. and Bangladeshi citizenship, you may not be immediately recognized as a U.S. citizen by the local authorities and may initially be treated as a Bangladeshi citizen.
Read more information about U.S.-Bangladeshi dual nationality on our website.

Bangladeshi customs authorities may enforce strict regulations concerning temporary import or export of items such as currency, household appliances, alcohol, cigarettes, and weapons.
Bangladesh does not allow the exchange of local currency (Bangladeshi taka) for U.S. dollars (cash and traveler’s checks) unless the customer has a ticket for travel outside Bangladesh.
Contact the Bangladeshi Embassy or Consulates for specific information regarding customs requirements. Please also see our Customs Information.

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