Requirements for Entry:

World Health Organization (WHO) card with yellow fever vaccination.

Obtain your visa before traveling. Visit the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo website for the most current visa information. Overseas inquiries should be made at the nearest Congolese Embassy or Consulate.

Visa applicants must provide an invitation letter notarized in the DRC and approved at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kinshasa. Allow at least two to three weeks for visa processing.

The DRC does not recognize dual nationality. U.S. citizens should always present themselves as U.S. citizens to Congolese authorities. Otherwise, it may impede our ability to provide consular services.

Airport Fees

All departing international travelers must pay these official fees when checking in:

$50 airport exit fee
$5 boarding fee
Passengers on domestic flights pay $10.
If you experience harassment at any of port of entry, such as detention, passport confiscation or demands by immigration and security personnel for unofficial “fees,” ask to contact the U.S. Embassy.

Intending Residents

If you are planning to reside in the DRC, register at the office of the Direction General of Migration (DGM) in your commune of residence.


Journalists working in the DRC must:

enter the DRC through Kinshasa
obtain a permit from the Ministry of Communication and Media (a $250 permit is valid for one month)
The U.S. Department of State is unaware of any HIV/AIDS entry restrictions for visitors to or foreign residents of the DRC.

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