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Ghana Visa

Whether you’re traveling as a tourist or wanting to explore business opportunities, Travel Visa Pro can demystify the process for you to obtain a Ghana visa in a hurry.

Unlike other visa and passport applications which we can perform as part of our expedited services, the Consulate General Office in New York, the Honorary Consulate in Houston, and the Embassy in DC often require at least a few days to process applications to legally travel to Ghana. Please stop by Travel Visa Pro’s offices and bring a completed visa application form, a passport with at least six months’ validity, an invitation letter from Ghana, two passport photos, and payment for our team of travel experts to get you on your way.

 Ghana Visa Application Form

There are many reasons to choose Ghana as your next international destination. As a country with such a rich history and friendly people, many Americans pass through immigration for a variety of activities, from tourism and volunteer work to filming movies. It’s important to fill out the Ghana visa application form correctly to ensure your visa is prepared in a timely manner.

Unlike many countries, which offer expedited service regardless of the date of departure, Ghana requires all travelers to complete their visa applications at least two weeks before they fly into Accra. Expedited service is available for $100 for a single-entry visa ($200 for multiple entry), with standard processing fees at $60 and $100, respectively.

Ghana visa applications may be made in person at a consulate or embassy, or through the mail. In either case, please have a money order prepared for the exact amount. This won’t be the only time money is a concern in your visa application, as you’re requested to name the amount of cash with which you’ll be traveling to Ghana. Part of this is a requirement if you’re flying in on a one-way ticket and need to provide proof of funds to buy a return once in the country.

How Travel Visa Pro can help you with your Ghana visa application?

If you’re a film crew needing assistance with visa applications to Ghana or a solo traveler looking to get off the beaten path for a few weeks, Travel Visa Pro’s team of travel experts is here to help. We have offices next to Ghana embassies and consulates in every major US city to cater to a variety of clients and their visa needs.

Consider our Concierge Service if you’re uncomfortable handling your visa application to Ghana on your own. A dedicated Travel Visa Pro representative from our elite concierge team will take your call to go over all the requirements, pricing, and processing time to ensure that all your travel needs are met. Personal updates will be given via email or over the phone at each stage of your Ghana visa application. We’ll register your trip with the US Department of State and the nearest US Consulate in Accra, providing you with travel warnings, travel alerts, and information specific to your trip. In addition, if your passport is lost, damaged, or stolen prior to your trip, Travel Visa Pro will replace it for free in time for you to travel to your destination.

Don’t let the bureaucracy of visa applications keep you from enjoying yourself in Africa. Trust in Travel Visa Pro to get you to Ghana safely and with peace of mind.


Visit the Embassy of Ghana website for the most current visa information.

Documentation of yellow fever vaccination is required for those over nine months of age upon arrival in Ghana.

Foreign nationals who are over six years old and who have been physically present in Ghana for a cumulative period of 90 days or more during a calendar year are required to register with the National Identification Authority (NIA). NIA will issue registered foreign nationals a Non-citizen Ghanacard. The Non-citizen Ghanacard will be necessary for all transactions that require identification, i.e. opening bank accounts, obtaining work permits, acquiring driver’s licenses, etc. A Non-citizen Ghanacard does not guarantee issuance of a local driver’s license if you are not resident in the country for a specific period of time.

A list of permanent registration centers, fee requirements and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the NIA website.

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