Tourist visa to KENYA

Kenya has lots to offer tourists, and Travel Visa Pro is here to help you get to this beautiful country with ease. We have agents located countrywide who work day and night to ensure that your application goes through and that nothing stands in the way of your trip, visa-wise. We will start you off with an online application form where you will fill in general details about yourself and where you wish to travel. We can as well handle the form-filling and send it your way for signing.

From here, we will require that you have a valid US passport with at least six months validity on it. If you do not have one or have lost it or you have less than six months validity, we can expedite application, renewal and replacement services to help you get started on the visa application.

We also require that you take two passport photos which follow the state department’s rules. You can choose to use other images. However, ensure that they are not older than three months and that they bear a real resemblance to you.

You should show where you wish to travel or you can as well include a copy of round tickets. These records should show the flights which you will use to enter and leave the country, and they should be in your name.

If you wish to get a tourist visa to Kenya for a more extended period than six months, say five years, then you must include a valid reason as to why. Children below the age of sixteen can enter Kenya without having to apply for a tourist visa to Kenya.

We will then check to see if you have provided the stated documents and we will make changes where necessary. We will then send the visa your way upon processing. Thank you!

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