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Get visa to QATAR

See the government of Qatar’s website for visa information.

Requirements for Entry:

Passport valid for at least six months
Be sure to leave Qatar before your visa expires. The Qatari Government charges as much as USD $55 for each day that you overstay your visa, up to USD $3,300.

For further information, see the Qatari Ministry of Interior website.

Tourist visas: When traveling on a U.S. passport, the Government of Qatar does not require prior visa arrangements and travelers my obtain a free visa waiver upon arrival. The waiver is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance and entitles the holder to spend up to 30 days in Qatar, or multiple entries during the 30-day validity. Passports must have a minimum validity of six months. More information can be found on the Government of Qatar website.

Residency permit holders: Former resident permit holders seeking to return to Qatar should carry a “no objection letter” issued by their former sponsor.

For further information on residence permits, see the Government of Qatar or U.S. Embassy website. In general, you will need:

Police clearance certificate
Authentication of education degrees
Certified true copies of civil documents (marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc.)
Occupational certifications from your home country
Exit Permits:

U.S. citizens with employment sponsored residency permits cannot leave the country without an exit permitobtained from their employer. If you hold a Work Residence Permit, you must notify your employer each time you leave the country. Employers, at their discretion, may offer multiple exit permits, which are now free.
Before approving an exit visa at the end of employment, sponsors, and Qatari immigration authorities may confirm with your Qatari bank that there are no outstanding loans.
If you owe money, you will be barred from exiting Qatar (See Exit Bans in Local Law section). Qatari banks place holds on accounts to ensure all debts are paid before you leave.
U.S. citizen family members with family residence visas do not need an exit permit to leave Qatar; however, sponsors (usually the husband/father) can elect to receive instant notification if family dependents are attempting to depart the country.
Qatar does not recognize dual nationality. If you hold Qatari citizenship, Qatari law requires that you enter and exit on your Qatari passport. Qatari authorities may confiscate your U.S. passport if you hold Qatari/U.S. dual nationality. Should this happen, contact the U.S. Embassy. The seizure does not constitute loss of U.S. citizenship.

Military Personnel: Military personnel should consult the Department of Defense Foreign Clearance Guide before traveling, since different entry/exit requirements may apply. For further information, call the Host Nation Coordination Cell of the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing at 011-974-5551-0815.

HIV/AIDS restrictions:

Some HIV/AIDS entry restrictions exist for visitors to and foreign residents of Qatar. Medical exams are required for all long-term visitors and residents. If you have HIV/AIDS, you may be deported. Verify this information with the Embassy of Qatar before traveling.

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