Tourist visa to SRI LANKA

There are quite some options when it comes to getting a tourist visa to Sri Lanka, and Travel Visa Pro is here to make sure the application process is smooth. We have agents who have specialized in travel matters and who will take you through the processing, offering their advice at each stage. Let’s get started on the different options.

The first is the tourist e-visa. If you are a US citizen intent on touring Sri Lanka, you can take up this option if you do not plan on spending more than thirty days in the country. In this case, we will take you through the form filling and submission of digital copies of your passport and passport photos. This visa option also applies to children under the age of twelve and when making their application, be sure to have copies as to their parents’ letter of consent as well as their proof of identity. You will then receive your visa by email, and we will ensure that it gets to you within a day.

The second tourist visa to Sri Lanka applies to people who wish to spend more than thirty days in the country. In this case, we will start off with an online application which we can handle on your behalf. We will then send the application form your way for signing. In addition to this, we will require your current US passport which should be valid, two passport photos taken in the last three months, your travel itinerary, your recent bank statement and a personal letter as to the purpose of the trip. You should address this letter to the embassy of Sri Lanka.

Whichever option you choose, we will ensure that the application and processing take place as per your timeline. Thank you for choosing us!

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