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Get visa to TAJIKISTAN

Requirements for Entry:

Passport valid for at least six months


Tajik registration stamp for travelers on a non-tourist visa staying longer than two days. Travelers on a tourist visa staying less than 30 days do not need a registration stamp.

Visa support letter if you are traveling on a non-tourist visa.

Tourist visas

Tourist visas are issued for up to 45 days, with no extensions or replacements allowed. Request a visa that allows for changing travel dates.

Be sure to leave Tajikistan before your visa expires.

Obtain a multiple-entry tourist visa if you plan to visit neighboring countries during your stay.

Tourist visas can be obtained online or at the Dushanbe International Airport upon arrival. Multiple-entry visas for visits lasting longer than 45 days cannot be obtained online.

You can also apply for visas at Tajik embassies or consulates if you are coming from:














Russian Federation



United Arab Emirates



See the Government of Tajikistan website for further visa information.

Non-tourist Visas:

Tajik visa support letters are required for all non-tourist visas. Issued by the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the letter confirms a visa may be issued upon your arrival at the Dushanbe airport. This “upon arrival” visa service does not apply to any other Tajik airports or land borders.

To obtain a visa support letter, the inviting organization submits a request to the MFA at least two weeks before your travel date. When you are invited by a private Tajik resident (e.g., a friend or relative), that person requests a notification letter from the Department of Visas and Registration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (OVIR).

Tajik visa registration stamps are required for stays over two days: Register your visa within three days of entering the country. Journalists, official travelers, and employees of international organizations register with the MFA. All other travelers register with OVIR. Failure to register your visa can result in fines and delay your departure.

Departure options from Tajikistan are limited. To maximize departure options, get extended visas for travel to countries with reliable connections to Tajikistan, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, and Russia.

Transit Visas to Russia: When traveling from Tajikistan through Russia to a third country – including plane changes – you must have a transit visa for Russia. You cannot get a Russian visa at the airport. If you arrive in Russia without the appropriate visa, authorities may restrict you from future travel to Russia. See the U.S. Embassy Moscow website for further information.

Dual Nationality: Tajikistan does not recognize dual citizenship with the United States. If you are a U.S.-Tajik dual citizen traveling on your own U.S. passport, be sure to have a valid Tajik visa in your U.S. passport. Otherwise, you may encounter problems with immigration authorities upon your departure from Tajikistan.

HIV/AIDS Information: Some HIV/AIDS entry restrictions exist for visitors and foreign residents of Tajikistan. If you are in Tajikistan for more than 90 days, you must present a medical certificate confirming that you are HIV-free or take an HIV test in Tajikistan. If possible, verify this information with the Embassy of Tajikistan before traveling.

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Tourist visa to TAJIKISTAN