Tourist visa to THAILAND

If you are a US citizen planning to travel to Thailand for a period not exceeding 30 days, you can do so without a tourist visa to Thailand. All you need to do is to ensure that your current passport is valid and that it has sufficient blank visa pages. It is also essential that you look into the necessity of a transit visa if you will be making any connections. If you plan on staying for more than 30 days, you will require a tourist visa to Thailand, and Travel Visa Pro is to help you with this process.

You will start by making an online application which we can do in your stead. You will also require providing us with an original US passport which is in a valid condition and which has at least six months of validity left. In addition to this, you should present us with two passport photos taken in the last three months and which meet the state department’s guidelines. You should either have a copy of your round tickets or detailed information as to where you will be staying. These documents should be in your name. Hotel reservations are also necessary at this stage, and they should also be in your name.

A copy of your most recent bank statement is necessary, and you should have a balance amounting to $700 or more. The report should have your name on it as well as the date of processing. However, if you are applying for multiple entries, you should provide a bank statement showing balances not less than $7,000 for the past six months. You should also show proof of employment if you are working and students should have letters from their respective schools.

We will then handle the visa processing, and you should be set to travel to Thailand in no time. Thank you!

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