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See the Embassy of Turkmenistan’s website for visa information.

Turkmenistan’s Law on Citizenship does not recognize dual citizenship for its citizens. Consequently, U.S.-Turkmen dual citizens are often denied departure from the country until they renounce their Turkmen citizenship, a process that can take six months to a year or more. The ability of the U.S. Embassy in Ashgabat to assist such dual citizens is very limited. We strongly urge all dual U.S.-Turkmen citizens to contact the Embassy for more information before traveling to Turkmenistan.

Please see our Travel.State.Gov website and our Embassy’s page on dual citizenship for additional information.

Requirements for Entry:

Passport valid for at least six months past the date on your letter of invitation
Letter of invitation certified by the Government of Turkmenistan
$12 registration fee upon arrival
Letter of Invitation: The person or organization inviting you must submit a request to the State Migration Service (SMS), along with a copy of your passport ID page. Allow at least 15 business days for approval. After receiving the letter of invitation, apply for a visa at the Embassy of Turkmenistan in D.C. or at the airport in Ashgabat upon arrival.

We cannot help private citizens obtain letters of invitation.

If you arrive without a visa or certified letter of invitation, authorities may hold you at the airport until you arrange transportation out of Turkmenistan.

Transit visas are of very short duration and are difficult to extend, therefore we suggest that you travel on a tourist visa.

Visa extensions: Apply for visa extensions with the SMS in Ashgabat. If your visa expires, you face fines and possible arrest/deportation.

Required Registration with State Migration Service (SMS). If you are in Turkmenistan more than three working days, you must:

Register at an SMS office in Ashgabat, Dashoguz, Mary, Turkmenabat, or Turkmenbashy, depending on where your sponsoring organization is located.
Inform the SMS in advance of travel outside the city where you are registered. You face fines and deportation if you fail to do so.
Register your departure with the SMS one day before you leave. You must register and de-register at the same SMS office.
Failure to register properly can result in fines, arrest, and/or deportation.

If you are deported for these violations, authorities will bar your return to Turkmenistan for up to five years.

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