24-hour China Visa service | Do you qualify?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Sep 27 2017

China’s visa application process is annoying even for the best of travelers. Unless you hand off all your paperwork to a third party visa processing company like Travel Visa Pro – and you can! – you’re going to have to deal with appointments or lines at the consulate, traveling there during business hours, and waiting for the results with bated breath. A 24-hour China visa, on the other hand, requires very little preparation prior to departure and is a great way to explore one of many Chinese cities as a tourist or for business.

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24-Hour Visa: China Allows This?

Longer transit visas like the 144-hour one available in Shanghai and the 72-hour transit visa to Guangzhou are relatively new, but getting a China visa for 24 hours has been around for a while. If you arrive at any major Chinese city – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou – from one country and plan to depart for another country within 24 hours, you qualify for a visa on arrival. Such 24-hour China visas require no additional paperwork, just a confirmed travel itinerary and proof of accommodations for the night. Of course, basic requirements like having a passport valid for at least six months is necessary, with two blank pages for visa stamps.

China 24-Hour Visa: Restrictions

Many travelers would just accept their 24-hour China visas, settle in for the night, and do some local sightseeing. However, because we live in an age where it’s possible to traverse the globe in a day, it’s tempting to use a free visa to China to cram in as much travel as possible: Terracotta Army at breakfast, Great Wall at lunch, and running to the airport to make the cut off time.

Traveling outside the city of arrival is not allowed under a 24-hour visa to China. Travelers to Shanghai may visit the neighboring municipalities, and those to Guangzhou can explore the entire region, but most are limited to the city itself. Though this isn’t highly enforced, domestic flights will not allow you to board with only a transit visa, and bus and train officials asking for identification will be sure to check your visa status.

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China Visa in 24 Hours: What else do you need to know?

Though these Chinese transit visas are perfectly legal and commonly used, some airline officials, even those with routes to China, do not know the specifics. As a result, it’s best to arrive at the airport even earlier so they have time to check whether you’re clear to board.

There are no fees involved for Chinese visas on arrival, unlike the $140 required for tourist visas. Citizens of many countries including the US qualify for the 24-hour China visa. Though it may technically be possible to use your trip in China to process a visa for a third country at a consulate, immigration officials may check your documents before issuing the visa and allowing you entry into China.

Would you use a 24-hour visa to China? Where would you go?