5 year Saudi Arabia business visit visa

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Nov 12 2012

I get an overwhelmingly amount of questions regarding this mythical 5 year, multiple entry, business visa to Saudi Arabia. In fact, I have come to dub it the Unicorn of Saudi… Hehehe. In all seriousness, it does exist AND I will give you a few insider tips, which will make your extensive travel to Saudi Arabia much easier.


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Applying for Saudi business visit visa

First, we can all agree, it is a pain to keep reapplying for visas to Saudi Arabia. It is one of the more difficult countries to not only get an invite, but then to have the visa stamped in a timely matter. So for simplicity if you were able to get your hands a 5 year visa, you would only have to apply ONCE every 5 years. Imagine that!!!

People are under the impression; the visa length and validity are up to the visa office at MOFA and Embassy offices. This is only partly true. Yes, they have an overwhelming influence over the visa process, but there are certain things one can do to increase your chance of being approved for a 5 year visa. It is a two part process, with the first part being initiated in Saudi and the second in the US at the Consulates.

You will need to have your visa issued and approved by the Chamber of Commerce in a big city; such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Qatif, Dammam, Medina, and/or Al Khobar. Next, your visa approval will have to be listed on the long form which comes from the Chamber of Commerce and not the short form, which MOFA issues.

Third, your visa number cannot start with a 7, it must be a 2 or 4. This coding is directly dependent on what type of industries your sponsor is engaged in. Fourth, your length of stay on the invitation must be 180 days and for multiple entries. A lot of people try to get creative and say 1800 or 1825 for the length of stay. Just think, what visa officer is going to issue a visa that allows you to STAY in Saudi for 1800 days. 6 months, is the maximum amount of stay you will be allotted.

Lastly, make sure your visa invitation is either for the New York Consulate or for the Washington, DC Embassy.

Now, that we have worked out the specifics and parameters from the Saudi side. There will be some things you will have to do on the US side. Your business letter, must state you intend to enter Saudi Arabia over the next 5 years. It is imperative your Enjaz is completed correctly. This means it needs to list multiple entries and for purpose of visit, it needs to state visits for business over the next 5 years.

Now Enjaz, is a tricky machine and is best left to be done, by your visa expediter, such as Travel Visa Pro. They can make sure the information is inputted correctly AND it needs to be done in Arabic if you seek the desired result above.

If you are able to follow the above steps, I can assure that you will be granted a 5 year multiple entry business visa.

Please reach out to me if you desire help or have any further questions.