Australia visa requirements for US citizens

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sun Jul 15 2018

As we enter the hottest month of the year in the northern hemisphere, Australia and everyone else down south is deep in winter. It’s still difficult for many Americans to imagine a Christmas celebration on the beach, but this is just one of the eccentric sights you’ll see traveling to Australia. Others are more noteworthy and grabbing: diving the Great Barrier Reef, surfing the Gold Coast, hiking around Uluru. What are the visa requirements for US citizens visiting Australia?


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Visiting Australia as a Tourist

No physical visa stamps are required in a passport book for US citizens visiting Australia. However, all visitors must fill out an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) online prior to entry. The form is relatively easy to navigate, asking that you fill out information from your passport and travel itinerary. As long as your travel plans to Australia are for 90 days or less, any US citizen can use an ETA for 20 AUD.

Working Holiday in Australia

Americans under the age of 31 qualify for a one-time one-year Working Holiday Visa to Australia. As always, applicants must have a passport valid for at least the duration of the visa (preferably over that time), and proof of ongoing travel (though this can be waived if you provide a bank or credit card statement showing you have sufficient funds to purchase a ticket).

Unlike many work visas that require a visit to a consulate in advance of your arrival, WHVs can be obtained online and presented to immigration on arrival in Australia with the proper application form. However, there are a few other requirements, including a 420 AUD fee for the visa and providing evidence you have at least 5000 AUD available in the form of a bank account statement or credit line.

Australia visa requirements

Other Visa Requirements for Australia

There are a variety of visas available to US citizens seeking to travel to Australia: business, education, work, and permanent residency. For most of these in addition to the working holiday visa, Americans are required to undergo a medical examination prior to entry, usually to test for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

Getting your US passport ready for Australia

A ten-year passport book valid for at least the duration of your stay in Australia is required for entry and would be appropriate for work, tourist, and business travel. If you’re planning on traveling to Australia but haven’t applied for a passport yet, be sure to locate the nearest Travel Visa Pro in your area. With a morning appointment, our staff can process emergency passport applications in as little as eight hours. Even residents of smaller cities can enjoy TVP services through our numerous pick up and drop off locations. Please give us a call, and we’ll work with you to get you safely to Australia.

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