Do you need a passport to go to Las Vegas?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Jun 4 2018

Naturally, Las Vegas attracts numbers of international visitors looking to experience the crazy nights, bright lights, and shows for which this Nevada oasis is famous. There are many who think of the city as a different world entirely, but don’t let the glamor fool you. Las Vegas, like anywhere else in the continental United States, is accessible to every American without a passport. The question you have to ask yourself if you need one to fly there.


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Real ID Laws


As Real ID laws start taking effect across the US, many Americans with state-issued driver’s licenses may discover they no longer possess an ID valid for domestic air travel. Some states have been granted extensions to get their verification up to date, but residents of others need an alternative form of ID to fly.

Even if you’re based on the west coast and Las Vegas is a relatively short flight, you won’t be allowed to pass through security or check in without a photo ID complying with the Real ID Law. In this case, having a passport to go Las Vegas is essential. With a passport card, you can travel across the Caribbean by sea or to Mexico or Canada overland. With a passport book and a proper visa, the entire world is accessible to you.


What if you’re in Las Vegas when your passport expires?


Though other countries require that you have at least six months’ validity remaining on your passport before traveling there, domestic air travel in the US makes no such restriction (though hopefully a TSA agent will point out that it expires soon). If you need to extend your stay in Las Vegas but discover you passport book or card will expire before your departure, what should you do?

The good news is passport applications can be processed from anywhere in the US, unlike state-issued driver’s licenses, which often require the holder to appear in person in their home state. There are dozens of regional passport agencies scattered across the country; unfortunately, none of them are present in Las Vegas. Even if there were, proof of immediate international travel would be required for a speedy application. So what are your options?

If you need to have your passport when you fly, and have to process your application in a hurry, Travel Visa Pro maintains a pick up and drop off location in Las Vegas for all travel needs. Contact one of our nine staffed offices and explain your situation and the urgency. We will work with you to get your passport book or card renewed before your departure from Las Vegas so you can arrive at the airport with a valid ID in hand.




Do you need a passport to go to Las Vegas?


While you don’t need a passport book or card to travel to Las Vegas overland, sometimes you may need one if your state is not yet compliant with the Real ID Act. Any form of photo ID is acceptable for checking into hotels in Las Vegas, so why not add a passport to your collection of documents?

Before applying for a passport for the first time, assess your travel needs. If you’re a frequent domestic traveler who simply wants a valid photo ID, a passport card may be sufficient. For travelers who might have an international trip in their future in the next ten years, it’s probably worth the investment of a passport book. The good news is you don’t have to choose one or the other; US citizens can legally hold both a passport card and card.

Do you have any other questions about traveling to Las Vegas? Do you have a passport card right now?