Business Visas to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia General

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Dec 13 2017

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country is somewhat of a Pandora’s box, secretly tucked behind strict religious governance, an oppressive monarchy, oil booms, and a daunting visa process. That is correct, the visa process to Saudi Arabia has been listed as one of the most difficult and cumbersome countries to gain access. Why?

Saudi Arabia is sectioned into different provinces, whom are governed by their own local governors and princes, which in turn report back to the central government.  Think of it as a modern-day Game of Thrones, where each competing province seeks to outdo the other, with the hopes of satisfying the central government. Here is where we find the issues in visa issuance and just why it is so difficult to get into Saudi Arabia.


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Business Visas to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia General

By far and far, the easiest way to enter KSA is through a business visa. Generally, this visa is reserved for those seeking to do business in KSA. Please note the business visa is different than the commercial visa which is also offered to enter KSA.

Saudi Arabia is certainly one of the countries highly recommended to use a visa agent as its one of the few Consulates, where your agent will actually have to speak with the Consul and explain some items regarding your case. It’s important to choose an agent who not only has connections with the Embassy, but has a registered Enjaz account, meaning they are an official representative of the Embassy. Travel Visa Pro is indeed one these entities.

In order to apply for a business visit visa to Saudi Arabia, you must have someone in Saudi Arabia who can apply to be your sponsor to issue the invite for you OR Travel Visa Pro can also issue invites on behalf of clients wishing to travel to Saudi Arabia.

Once you have the invitation letter from your sponsor you will need to present your items along with your supporting items to the Embassy or send to your agent, Travel Visa Pro. What do I need to provide in addition to the invite?

In addition to the invite, you will need to send into the office: application, 2 recent photos with a white background, application form, a supporting letter from your local company, which Travel Visa Pro can also help out with, and something called Enjaz.
Enjaz is the electronic submission of your application, which can be handled internally by your agent and especially by an agent who has a registered account.

After the paperwork and electronically filing have been done, you will need to wait about 2-3 business days for your newly issued visa IF you used an agent. If you decided to work alone, the process may be a bit elongated and not end with the result you desired.

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