China Work Permit: Make sure you’re allowed to work in China

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sat Sep 30 2017

Do you need an escape from the US economy, or just a temporary contract allowing you to work in Asia? Applying for a work permit in China may be just the break you’re looking for. As the second largest economy in the world, China is becoming more popular for foreign workers seeking a different kind of career path in addition to companies looking to strengthen ties with their Chinese counterparts.

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Starting the application process for a China work permit

Anyone considering working in China must first obtain a Z Visa. There can be a variety of reasons bringing workers to China, but any organization or business must be accredited to employ foreigners. Foreign men seeking a China work permit can be no older than 60 while women no older than 55.

Once you’ve arranged a company in China, obtained an invitation letter from them, and received the corresponding work permit, you’re ready to head to the closest Chinese embassy or consulate with a passport photo and application form to apply for a Z visa. Like any other Chinese visa, there is a fee of $140 or more depending on the processing time.

Getting a work permit in China

Before heading to the embassy, gathering all the documentation necessary for the company to process your China work permit may take some time. Depending on the type of work and the company, you’ll need:

1. Criminal background check. For US citizens, this means a certified document from the FBI, and most likely apostilled.
2. Bachelor’s degree. Or any documentation showing expertise in your field.
3. Medical check. A clean bill of health.
4. Reference letter. In addition to a contract from the sponsoring Chinese company showing place of employment, salary, work hours, etc.
5. Passport. Valid for at least six months (expired visas do not need to be transferred to new passports).
6. Photo. You’ll need a few for your China work permit and your Z visa application.

Once you’re in China…

After all is said and done and you’ve passed through immigration with your Z visa and work permit in hand, you’re still not finished. There are local procedures to follow in China, and one of them is to immediately register for a Temporary Residence Permit within thirty days of arrival.

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If this all sounds a little daunting, the experts at Travel Visa Pro are available to assist in processing your China Z visa. Not only can we ensure your application is expedited, but can make recommendations for travel insurance once you’ve safely landed in China.

Are you interested in working in China? Do you already have a China work permit?