Do US Citizens Need a Visa for Germany?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Mar 8 2017

If you’re a frequent traveler for business or pleasure and you have the fortune of holding a US Passport, you’re probably aware of the stories in the news regarding a potential change in the visa requirements for Americans heading to Europe. Because the United States has refused to grant visa-free travel to citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, and Romania, the reciprocity agreement seems to require the European parliament to respond in kind to the US government.

So far, there has been no real change to immigration policy on either side. Americans can still travel to the EU without a visa, and citizens of those five countries are required to apply for a visa prior to entry in the US. The European Parliament has merely passed a non-binding vote which may or may not be implemented in the coming months.


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Do US Citizens Need a Visa for Germany?

As it stands now, Germany, among other countries in the European Union, is accessible to all Americans for stays up to 90 days as part of the Schengen Agreement. Germany visa requirements allow US citizens to enter the country for tourism or business without a visa, provided their passports are valid for more than six months and are not otherwise damaged.

Need a German visa for longer than three months?

If you are planning to study abroad or work in Germany for longer than the current regulations allow, there are still options. To start a company in Germany, you’ll need access to 500,000 euros in investment funds and prove the new business will have at least five jobs available.

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