How Can U.S. Citizens Get Married in Jamaica?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sun Aug 22 2021

Picture golden sand lining the beaches with a backdrop of mountains reflecting in the shimmers in the ocean. How wonderful would that setting be for your dream wedding? Well, it’s now possible if you get married in Jamaica which is one of the most naturally beautiful wedding destinations worldwide. Are you interested in knowing more about how to get married in Jamaica? We’ve got some good news for you!

Can U.S. Citizens Get Married in Jamaica?

The United States government recognizes marriages conducted under Jamaican law. So, you are free to get married in Jamaica and have that marriage recognized back at home. But for the marriage to be considered legal, you must follow the requirements stipulated below:

What Do the Jamaican Authorities Require?

The requirements to get married in Jamaica are pretty standard. You and your partner must:

  • Arrive in the country at least 24 hours before the wedding ceremony. If you’re getting married in a resort, you should get to the country at least three days before. However, this depends on the wedding planner.
  • Have a photo I.D. Luckily, your passport will more than cover this. You can also choose to have other forms of identity like your driver’s license.
  • State your occupations. The government requires that both of you state what you do for a living on the marriage forms.
  • Pay the relevant fees, which vary based on the marriage officer.

Luckily, Jamaica does not require you to conduct any blood tests when you arrive in the country. So, if you meet these requirements, you will be good to go!

What are the Marriage Options Available in Jamaica?

Couples can opt for a registry wedding or a symbolic wedding. Those opting for the latter do not have to present original documents for the ceremony. Instead, they can get married in the U.S. before or after the symbolic ceremony. However, those who want to tie the knot legally must present the documents later discussed in this guide.

Marriage Options Available in Jamaica - How Can U.S. Citizens Get Married in Jamaica?

How about same-sex marriages? While foreign same-sex marriages are recognized in Jamaica, same-sex marriages and unions in the country are not an option for the time being. Thus, same-sex couples keen on getting married in Jamaica may seek alternatives like Mexico and Spain.

What Documents Do You Need to Get Married in Jamaica?

The authorities require that you and your partner provide:

  • Proof of citizenship: You both must have certified copies of your birth certificates, which should bear your fathers’ names.
  • Proof of death or divorce: If any of you was married before, you must present the annulment, death, or divorce paperwork to prove the end of the previous marriage. Please make sure that you provide the original certified certificates.
  • Written consent from your parents coupled with proof of identity: This requirement only applies to people under 18 who wish to get married.

All the original documents presented to the authorities must be translated into English by a recognized translation agency. Thanks to our swift English translation services, you can have the documents processed in as few as 5 days. If you are in a hurry, we also offer rush processing. Once you’ve got the documents, proceed with notarizing them before using them in Jamaica.

Additionally, you must send notarized copies of the translated documents to the marriage officer. They will then complete the marriage license forms and arrange all the documents necessary for the wedding. When traveling to Jamaica, do not forget to carry the original documents as these will be mandatory for the wedding ceremony.

The Marriage Certificate

Once you have completed the marriage ceremony, you will get a copy of the marriage register. However, this is not a marriage certificate. To get a marriage certificate that you can use back in the U.S., you must apply to the registrar’s general department. It takes anything from 7 days to a month to get the certificate. Get this legalized at the embassy, and you will now be legally married in the eyes of U.S. law.

Ready to explore the Caribbean and legally marry in Jamaica? How about you talk to us about getting your documents in order?