How To Get Married in Australia

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Thu Aug 12 2021

Are you a U.S. citizen hoping to tie the knot in Australia? Here’s some good news. The Australian government has similar legal requirements for Australians as well as people living overseas. That simplifies the marriage preparations by a great deal. We’ve compiled a complete guide on getting married in Australia for U.S. citizens. Please note that if you wish to live in Australia after the marriage, more rules will apply. This guide relates to couples getting married in Australia without migrating to the country.

What Requirements Must You Meet?

The requirements to get married in Australia are pretty easy to grasp. The authorities will certify that you and your partner:

  • Are not married to anyone else. Bigamy is illegal in Australia.
  • Are not related. Any relations to your partner will be frowned upon. That includes any parent-child, sibling, cousin, or even adoptive relationships. Incest is not allowed in Australia, and this can hamper your marriage plans.
  • Are aged at least 18 years old. However, if you are aged between 16 and 18 years and have court approval to go ahead with the marriage, you can marry. The court caps the marriage age at 16 years, going up.
  • Are aware of what entering a marriage entails and are mentally fit to do so. The authorities will not agree to a marriage where free consent is not evident.
  • Provide written notice of your intention to marry per the required time frame. Please note that the celebrant should receive this at least a month before the wedding and not more than 18 months before the ceremony. However, if you need to rush the marriage and get married in less than a month, you can do so, provided you have a valid reason. The authorities look kindly upon reasons like wedding arrangements, travel commitments, legal proceedings, medical reasons, or even errors in giving notice. You can always liaise with your celebrant when filling the form for more direction on avoiding making costly errors.
  • Can get married in your home country. Australia recognizes LGBTIQ+ marriages as of 2017. Thus, same-sex couples from the U.S. can get married here, and this union would also hold back in the U.S.

requirements to get married in Australia - How To Get Married in Australia

What Documents are Necessary to Get Married in Australia?

The authorities and your authorized marriage celebrant will want to ensure that you are who you say you are. They will also want to ensure that you are not married, are of legal age, and reside at the stated address. As such, to legally marry in Australia, you and your partner must provide:

  • The notice of intention to marry. Suppose you and your partner are both living in the U.S. In that case, you must get your signatures witnessed by an Australian consular officer, an Australian diplomatic officer, an employee of the Commonwealth, and a notary public.
  • A declaration of no legal impediment to marriage stating that you are not married to other people, are not related and have no legal impediments to the marriage.
  • Original birth certificates or passports to prove your place and date of birth,
  • Proof of identity (which can be driver’s licenses or passports),
  • Death/ divorce/ annulment certificates if applicable.

The Marriage Certificate

Following the wedding ceremony, you and your spouse must obtain three signed marriage certificates. These should bear your signs, that of the marriage celebrant, and those of two witnesses who must be aged at least 18 years. Please note that this is a ceremonial certificate. You must wait for the celebrant to present this to the registry of births, deaths, and marriages in the state where you marry. After this, you can apply in 14 days to get a copy of the marriage certificate. There you have it! That’s all you need to know about how to get married in Australia.

All the documents presented for marriage must be in English. If your original documents (e.g., death certificates and divorce decrees) are in other languages, we provide English translation services. In as few as 5 days, we can have your documents back to you—the same holds for if you would like to use the Australian marriage certificate in a non-English-speaking country. Reach out to us about making this happen.