How much is a child’s passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Dec 3 2018

What do you think a passport would cost for your child? Adults usually get travel documents valid for ten years; a renewal for a passport book costs $110, while a passport card is only $30. While you might assume a passport book or card for a child would be significantly less, there are certain fees and other considerations.

According to the US Department of State, what is a child? Anyone under the age of 16 only qualifies to receive a passport book or card valid for five years. Because children are typically under the care of one or two legal guardians, getting a passport application processed for the first time can mean bringing in a slew of documents from both parent and child.


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How much is a child’s passport, start to finish

A child’s first-time passport or a renewal is $80. However, all applications must usually be made in person, which requires a $35 Execution Fee from the regional passport office. In addition, all applicants are required to bring in a recent passport-size photo to be submitted with proof of citizenship.

What other costs are there for a child’s passport application?

If the child has two parents, both must authorize the US Department of State to issue the child’s passport by having all three appear in person at a regional passport office for both first-time applications and renewals. However, if only one is able to do so, they will have to fill out Form DS-3053 and get it notarized (additional fee) prior to their appointment at a regional passport agency.

If neither parent is available to appear under certain circumstances – not including imprisonment, mental incompetence, etc. – DS-3053 may also be used. Both parents must fill out the form in front of a notary public with their IDs and authorize a passport agency like Travel Visa Pro to apply on behalf of their child. If one parent is unable to sign this form due to being out of the country or otherwise unavailable, proof of his or her absence must be provided along with the other forms.

How much does it cost to expedite a child’s passport?

The aforementioned conditions apply to all children’s passport applications, meaning an $80 processing fee, $35 execution fee, cost of passport photos, cost of a notary, if applicable, and the cost of expediting the application. The standard processing fee for children’s passports can’t be used for mail-in applications, but anyone applying in person has the option of adding $60 to their total for expedited service: a few days’ processing time.

Application process for child’s passports

Unlike with adult passports, which are valid for ten years and require less paperwork for a renewal, child first-time passport applications essentially require the same number of forms, photos, and documents for renewals as they do the first time. Both parents need to be present with the child at a regional passport agency or fill out Form DS-3053 with a notary.

From start to finish: gather your child’s proof of US citizenship (usually a birth certificate); take a passport photo; bring in a check or money order to cover the fees; if both parents are unable to appear in person, contact the nearest Travel Visa Pro. The travel experts there will help you prepare Form DS-3053 along with application Form DS-11 to get your child her first passport.

In addition to this, proof of the relationship with the parents, and the parents’ original photo IDs must be provided. Photos of the child showing a clear age progression are necessary for renewals. After the age of 16, children can apply for a passport themselves using Form DS-11.

If you have any concerns about the costs or application process for your child’s passport, don’t leave things to chance. Visit the nearest Travel Visa Pro to consult with the experts and see which option is best for you and your child.

Do you have any questions about the costs of children’s passports? Let us know in the comments.

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