How to pay for a passport

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sat Dec 8 2018

If you’ve waited until the last minute to check the expiration date of your passport and panic over the cost of a renewal, or are concerned about paying for one for the first time, it’s important to do your homework on applicable costs and fees. It’s difficult to keep down costs prior to an international trip, but taking the time to check your passport and prepare document weeks in advance can make the difference between a smooth start to your holiday or a costly delay… possibly a cancellation. The cost and time applying for passports varies, but here some of the options available.


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Paying for a passport renewal by mail

First-time applicants must present themselves at a regional passport agency or third-party agency for their passport book or card (see below), but sending all your documents directly to the US Department of State for a renewal is possible by mail. In this case, passport books for adults cost $110, and passport cards are $30, payable by check or money order.

Applying for a renewal by mail isn’t very fast if you’re considering leaving the US in a matter of weeks. During peak season, passport renewals by mail can take up to several weeks, with no updates or expected return date provided on receipt.

Paying for a passport application or renewal in person

If you’re currently in the United States, regional passport agencies are available at 26 different locations in major cities to process expedited passport applications. Staff on site usually require proof of immediate travel, your expired passport, and expediting fees. Like renewals, standard passport book applications cost $110, but there’s an additional $35 Execution Fee for applying in person. In addition, a $60 expediting fee is available; some applicants can get their new documents in a window as short as a few business days, others in a week or two.

Money orders are accepted at all regional passport offices for all fees, but some will not accept personal checks or cash. When cash is accepted, exact change is required. Credit cards may be accepted at some USPS offices with passport services, but there is no guarantee; call your local post office to see what is available.

Paying for a passport outside the US

If you’re currently living in another country or planning to stay in one country for more than two weeks, it is possible to turn in all the necessary documents – Form DS-82, passport photos, old passport, fees – to a nearby US embassy or consulate in person or by mail (depending on the country).

The standard $110 fee applies in the form of an international money order in USD – NOT the local currency. Many US consulates and embassies do not allow expedited renewals, so this fee and the $35 Execution Fee are waived. However, check to see what your options are on the consulate website; some do accept cash in the local currency and credit cards.

Paying for your passport with Travel Visa Pro

The fees charged by the US Department of State ($110 processing + $60 expedited service) are no guarantee of a quick turnaround if the offices are flooded with applications. When these offices aren’t capable of picking up the slack and your date of departure is quickly approaching, Travel Visa Pro is there with expedited passport processing and renewal services.

Your only limit when it comes to renewing a passport with Travel Visa Pro is based on the time you want or the price you want. If you’re leaving the next morning, our team of travel experts can process a renewal application with our 8-hour Emergency Service. Unlike some passport acceptance facilities, all TVP offices accept credit cards for payment in person, and over the phone.

All of Travel Visa Pro’s services are designed for business and leisure travelers who need their applications expedited, or are uncomfortable handling the paperwork themselves. Whatever the case, Travel Visa Pro is standing by with a team of experts ready to work for you and get your passport payment processed.

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