How Much is a Tanzanian Visa?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Feb 26 2018

Spring is coming, and that means travelers from around the world are soon going to spread their wings and head to lands unknown. Why not start planning for a trip Tanzania now?

Mt. Kilimanjaro opens up for climbing in June, but the African nation certainly has more than a mountain to bring tourists to its shores. Safaris, the beaches of Zanzibar, other cultural excursions, and business offerings make Tanzania an attractive place for business and leisure travelers alike. Understanding the visa requirements for Tanzania prior to booking non-refundable plans can help make your entry into the country as smooth as possible.


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Getting a Tanzanian visa quickly

If, after reading this article, you still have questions regarding visas to Tanzania or would like a team of travel professionals ready to expedite your application, find the nearest Travel Visa Pro in your area. Our staff can facilitate Tanzanian visa applications, prepare US passport renewals, and provide recommendations for travel insurance.


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How much is a Tanzanian visa? Types and costs

In general, there are four types of visas available to US citizens: single entry, multiple entry, business, and transit. Business visas allow Americans to stay in Tanzania for up to three months and cost $250. Single-entry visas are valid for up to three months for tourism, students, and business and cost $50. Multiple-entry visas are valid for up to twelve months for business or tourism and cost $100. Transit visas are valid for a week and cost $30.

When you’re applying at a Tanzanian consulate or embassy, staff can accept credit cards, checks, and money orders. However, cash is not allowed.

US citizens getting visas to Tanzania

Regardless of which type of visa you need to travel to Tanzania, US citizens have a minimum set of requirements for entry. All must have a valid US passport set to expire no sooner than six months from the date of entry, two passport photos, a Tanzanian visa application form, and payment. Proof of travel in and out of the country may also be requested at immigration or at the time of application.

Transit visas are only available on arrival in Tanzania, but other types may be obtained in advance from a consulate or embassy. Multiple-entry visas for business require all of the aforementioned, as well an additional passport photo, documents confirming the identity of the company, a copy of a passport from someone in the inviting party (usually from a company in Tanzania), and a Security Bond form.

How to apply for a visa to Tanzania

As of this writing, the Embassy to the United Republic of Tanzania in Washington DC is the only possibility for US citizens to apply for a visa, either by mail or in person. Fortunately, appointments are not necessary, but the processing time and wait time is subject to demand.

Consult the embassy website or a TVP agent to find which type of visa is best for you and start to prepare the appropriate forms and documents. The embassy is capable of returning applications received in person through the mail provided a self-addressed and stamped envelope is included – your passport will be a part of that application, so tracking is recommended.

Wait for the results. Tourist visas to Tanzania can be processed in five business days, but expedited processing (three business days’ turnaround) is available for an additional $20 fee. Though not always available, next-day service or same-day service for visa applications to Tanzania is possible for an addition $50 and $100, respectively.

Tanzania Visa Costs and Fees

How else to prepare for a trip to Tanzania

Even if you can handle your Tanzanian visa application by yourself, speak to the staff at your nearest Travel Visa Pro for recommendations on Trip Registration and travel insurance. In addition to answering any questions you might have regarding travel to Tanzania, our Trip Registration service will inform the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam of your expected entry and exit dates, as well as sign you up for email and text notifications regarding any matters concerning safety and security.

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