How much is a US Passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Nov 20 2017

With the holiday season quickly approaching, average travelers are becoming more and more aware of all the fees that start adding up on top of the gifts and (hopefully) scrumptious food. If you are planning to travel internationally anytime soon, it never pays to leave everything until the last minute.

The difference between in price booking a flight the day prior to departure and a week or two before can be astronomical. Similarly, if you want to gift someone a passport or take a trip yourself, making sure all your travel documents are in order can be a massive money saver. This isn’t always possible with business trips and unexpected circumstances, but here are some of the costs you can expect when you decide to apply for a new US passport or renew one. Keep reading and How much is a US Passport will be answered.


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Base costs for passport books and cards

Without considering the time involved or whether you need to use a third-party agency like Travel Visa Pro, there are a few numbers of which you should be aware. Adults applying for their first passport – or their first one since turning 16 – start with $110 for a 26- or 52-page ten-year passport book, and $30 for a ten-year passport card. Children start at $80 for a five-year passport book, and $15 for a five-year passport card.

Renewals for adults and children, regardless of the reason, cost the same; however, this fee may be waived or at least postponed in the case of stolen passports abroad. In addition, second passport books, though they are only valid for four years, have variable fees: $110 to adults who are renewing one; $135 for adults applying for a second passport for the first time; and $105 for children.

Getting travel documents at a regional passport office

Though you might think applying in person at a passport office  is one of the faster ways to get your new passport, it’s not necessarily the cheapest. Regional passport offices in the continental United States and Puerto Rico are capable of processing passport applications in person. However, certain fees are added for travelers wishing to get expedited service.

Applying in person requires that you make an appointment and present proof of immediate travel. Unlike mail-in applications, applying through a passport office requires an additional $25 Execution Fee whether you’re applying as an adult or for a child, and regardless of whether you need a passport book or card. There’s also a $60 fee if you wish to have your application expedited.

Applying for a passport through the mail

The cheapest and slowest way to apply for or renew a passport is to send in all the necessary documents through the mail to the US Department of State. With this method, travelers only have to pay the processing fees of $110 or $80 for adults and children, respectively. However, applications can take several weeks to get back to you. Applying by mail may allow you to renew your passport from the comfort of home, but Travel Visa Pro can also expedite your application if you choose to send it in to one of our offices.

Expediting passport book and card applications

The costs for applying for or renewing passports through a third-party agency like Travel Visa Pro is determined entirely by your needs. If you’re in a ridiculous hurry and must have your application processed within the same business day, our team of travel experts can do this with our Emergency Service. This guarantees that if your application is in the hands of one of our travel professionals with an appointment when our offices open, you will receive a new passport book or card by the end of business.

Other hidden fees for passport applications

Just because we’ve covered the processing fees, expediting fees, and execution fees doesn’t mean that’s all there is. Applying for a passport requires that all applicants bring in two passport-sized photos (approx. $15-20) and proof of citizenship (should already have). Any name changes must be proved with a certified copy of the court-ordered name change. And don’t forget shipping costs – the US Department of State will mail your passport book back with Priority Mail, but charges $15.45 for overnight return should you wish; this option is only available for passport books.

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