How to Authenticate Documents for Court

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Jul 2 2021

Authenticating documents for processing internationally in federal offices, State Departments, or courts is an important task. If your documents lack authentication and essential verification certificates, you may receive a rejection on several bases.

Before a third-party representative takes in your court documents for verification, you have to ensure that your documents fulfill all legal requirements for authentication. Below is the process that takes place before your documents go through authentication.

What Happens Before Documents Go for Authentication?

The following process involves legally certifying documents for authentication in the US.


Every document has to pass through a notary public to ensure that the documents are valid before moving through the County or the State. If a County commissions notary public for the verification of your documents, the County Clerk will be the first to certify your documents. Following that, the secretary of the state will also check the documents.

However, in the case of notarization by notaries public on the commission of the State, the only certification necessary will be of the Secretary of State of the respective State. In this case, you have to ensure that the notarization from a county clerk was done before the secretary of the state.

Here are some important factors when applying for notary public certification in a County or State:

  • English translation
  • Verification of seals, stamps, signatures, etc.

Authentication of Documents for Court

Suppose your legal documents are in the court of a foreign country that you are planning to visit or already reside in. In that case, you need some legal certification and verification in order to authenticate them. These verification certificates can either be an Apostille or Authentication.

Apostille is a verification certificate required in all the countries that are part of the Hague Convention-1961. Other countries that did not sign the Hague Convention-1961 require an Authentication certificate.

Legalize Your Documents Here

Both of these verification certificates are necessary for foreign document processing, especially when traveling to another country other than your home country for any reason. Often, you have to handle the translation of your legal documents and Apostille. Hence, it is critical to ensure that no unexpected delays arise and cause a hindrance in the court processing of your documents.

To save time, money, and energy on going from one federal office to another and applying for an Apostille certificate personally, you can hire professional third-party representatives. They will use their network and relationships with home and foreign State of Departments and public officials to expedite your document authentication.


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