Do I Need To Translate Apostille

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Jun 21 2021

You need to translate the legal documents required to travel in the official language of the issuing state. Apostille is required to legally authenticate the documents that you may require for traveling abroad for any reason. While Apostille is only required for signatories of the Hague Convention, it is an important part of verification if you wish to travel abroad.

So, it is necessary to have your Apostille in the official language of the country that you wish to visit for any reason. It is a legal confirmation that you have fulfilled all legal traveling requirements.

What is an Apostille?

Apostille is a verification certificate that many countries require in order to grant access and a visa. As mentioned, countries that participated in the Hague Convention-1961 require Apostille. Thus, you won’t need an apostille when traveling to other countries, but you will need Authentication, which is a similar verification certificate.

Here are a few important documents that require Apostille verification.

  • Birth Certificates
  • Passport Copies
  • Driver License Copies
  • University Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates

Bear in mind that these are government-issued documents and require legal verification in order to address their authenticity.

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Do You Need to Translate an Apostille?

Although an Apostille certificate is an important foreign traveling requirement, some people may get confused regarding the need for Apostille translation. For one, you should know that Apostille translation is an important confirmation and verification process.

Besides, you may also need to translate the documents for which you need the Apostille. Similarly, attaching a translated certificate of the legal documents and their respective Apostille is important for security reasons. Therefore, you need to contact certified professionals for the translation of your Apostille.

Here’s a list of cases that will require legal translation of the certificate of Apostille:

  • Acquiring Education Abroad
  • Residence Abroad
  • Foreign Business Partnerships and Work
  • Employment

How to Get Apostille Certificate Translation Services?

Getting an Apostille translated was extremely difficult in the past, depending on the resourcefulness of the home and visiting country. However, with better communication channels and high security, it is easier to get your Apostille certificates translated.

Travel Visa Pro has an expert, knowledgeable team experienced in handling Apostille and Authentication-related documents for US residents and foreigners. So, you can hire us with peace of mind that we will help save your time moving from one federal office to another by taking care of all your Apostille translation needs.


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