How to Get a Passport in NC

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sat Mar 31 2018

International travel is growing, with more people looking to step out of the country for the first time. Many early travelers have much more to do in order to prepare for their trips. There’s a range of travel services that must be completed before you’ll be allowed to travel out of the country. Getting a passport is one of the most important things to have for trips abroad. There are a few ways how to get a passport in North Carolina.


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Where to Get a Passport in NC

There are many passport offices located all around the US. For those located nearby rto these offices can easily just walk in and apply for a new passport. Those who are located in North Carolina don’t have it so convenient. The nearest passport office is located outside of the state. You can still take a day trip to one of the closest regional offices either in Atlanta or Washington, DC.

Not everybody is able to make it to these offices within their open business hours. You also have the option to mail in your passport application and materials. Mailing in your application will process your passport the same way but you have to consider the extra time added for shipping it.

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If you’re looking for an even simpler way to get a passport in NC then you should consider using an agency such as Travel Visa Pro. Travel Visa Pro is a one-stop shop for all of your travel service needs including getting a passport. Travel Visa Pro has several large regional offices in many of the major travel hubs around the US. To help bring our services to new areas, you can also find local drop-off and pick-up locations. One of these locations is located in North Carolina, in the city of Charlotte. We recognized that residents in North Carolina didn’t have as easy access to travel services as other states so this office was the perfect solution.

How Does Travel Visa Pro Work to Get a Passport in NC?

Travel Visa Pro is very convenient for everybody looking to get a passport. With our local Charlotte office, if you’re in the area, you can stop by the office to submit your passport application. The application still must be processed at one of the official passport offices but we will save you time and money from having to ship it and incur additional mailing fees.

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We have a simple three step process to help you get a passport. First we will provide a FREE quote to help review your submission. Many passport applications get delays or even rejects for reasons including not filling out the application correctly or submitting incomplete materials. We’ll be able to confirm that your application is complete for processing before you deliver anything. You’ll then submit your materials to our office. This can be done in person or mailed to us. After receiving your materials, we’ll update you on the status of your application and send notification when it’s ready to be picked up or sent back to you.

What Do I Need to Get a Passport in NC?

There are two types of travelers that need to go through the passport application process: people who don’t have a passport and people whose passports have expired. The process is essentially the same for both and require similar submissions.

If you’re applying for a new passport, you’ll need to complete a new passport application form. You’ll also have to provide a two headshot photos, a copy of your license, and proof of residence. Children who are applying for passports will be required to submit information about their parent or guardian as well.

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The other type of traveler is one who needs to get their passports renewed. Having it be expired is only one case for getting a renewed passport. There are also rules such as having sufficient time before expiration, having enough visa stamp pages, and even the overall condition of your actual passport book. If your passport fails to meet any of these conditions, then you’ll have to get it renewed. Getting your renewed passport will also need a passport application submitted along with the same materials for a new passport. For this group of travelers, you’ll need to send in your old passport book as well.

Getting your passport in NC no longer has to be a complicated process. Using Travel Visa Pro, we will have your new passport in your hands with plenty of time before your trip.