How to Renew British Passport in USA?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sun Apr 1 2018

The USA as a whole is a major international travel hub. Around the entire country you can discover travel services for going abroad. You’ll also see many foreign country embassies and consulate offices. These offices are very useful for people from other countries that are staying in the US. You’ll come across many UK offices in different regions of the country. While many services for people from the UK must go through this office, you can renew your British passport in the USA by other ways.


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How to Renew a British Passport in the USA?

Renewing a British passport in the USA has a different process than previously. All passport submissions must now be handled through the Her Majesty’s Passport Office which is located in the UK. In addition to the online portion of the passport application, you’ll need to actually mail in your information to this passport office to be completed.

The British embassy and foreign consulate offices may still be used for passport applications. This is only for special cases. If you will need to have an interview about your passport, this interview will be conducted at these offices.

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What Do I Need to Renew a British Passport in the USA?

No matter what country that your passport is from, all of them have similar requirements of what you have to submit. While at first you had to utilize the UK embassies and consulate offices in the US, you no longer have to submit your information here. The passport application process can be done online. In addition to filling out your online passport application, you’ll need to submit passport photos, your most recent passport, and any other passports from other countries if you have them.

When Do I Have to Renew My British Passport?

Just like most passports have similar application processes, they also have similar requirements for determining if you’ll have to get it renewed or not. There are three main characteristics to best decide about renewing your passport. The expiration date is of course the most important to keep in mind. If it’s past this date, then you’ll automatically have to go it renewed. Passports are also considered invalid if they will be expiring soon, most times within two months. Another thing to make note of is how many pages are left in your passport for future visa stamps. When you apply for your passport there are two page options depending on your expected travel frequency. For your passport to remain valid, you must have enough space remaining in your passport book. These last main specification is the overall condition of your passport. It must be in good condition in order to be used. Passports in bad condition won’t even be accepted for getting it renewed. It’s important to take care of your passport for as long as you have it

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Travel Visa Pro is a one-stop shop for all travel needs. We operate many regional offices around the USA. We also have smaller drop-off and pick-up locations to help bring our services to in demand locations. Unfortunately, our passport agency can assist with only US passports and the logistics for getting other passport services done.

There are many benefits to using Travel Visa Pro for renewing your passport. One of our specialties is being able to have your passport expedited. With our knowledge of the passport application process, we will provide a FREE quote so that you can avoid having the application delayed, or even rejected. This is done before you actually submit your materials. Another benefit is saving on shipping costs. Your application and materials will have to be sent to Her Majesty’s Passport Office whether you submit on your own or through Travel Visa Pro. Once your application is submitted to one of our offices, we will take care of the logistics for getting it delivered to the office and returned before your trip.

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You don’t have to be worried about your British passport expiring while you’re in the USA. There are a few options for getting your British passport renewed. The online passport application makes it easy to send in your initial request. There is also one passport office that you’ll have to keep in mind of where to submit your information. If you have a last minute trip approaching using Travel Visa Pro to renew your British passport can have it back in your hands when you need it most.

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