Is a Visa Required to Travel to China?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Sep 25 2017

There are several different ways to visit China if you’re feeling particularly ambitious. Ferries run between South Korea and Japan to east coast cities, and it’s possible to go overland from Mongolia and Vietnam. Naturally, most US citizens considering traveling to China are going to fly in to Beijing or Shanghai. Depending on your itinerary and needs, there are many different travel visas to China available.

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Transit Visas to Travel China

Getting a travel visa to China requires little to no preparation if you’re planning on using one of their cities to transit to a third country – even Hong Kong qualifies. Unlike tourist and business visas (explained below), transiting with a Chinese travel visa is relatively simple.

First, you need to plan your trip accordingly, flying from the US through any Chinese city and then onward to another country; a roundtrip ticket cannot be used to travel China with a transit visa. Second, consider the amount of time you’d like for your travel visa for China. 24-hour transit visas are available in nearly every city, while some like Shanghai offer 72- and 144-hour visas with opportunities to explore the surrounding area.

Other than providing proof of departure to a third country and accommodations, no paperwork or applications are needed for this type of Chinese travel visa. Just be sure to arrive at the airport early so officials have enough time to verify the transit visa and clear you for departure.

Tourist China Travel Visas

Transiting to a third country doesn’t always fit into everyone’s travel plans, and sometimes they just want to travel China and return to the US immediately afterwards. For these cases, a tourist visa obtained in advance from a Chinese embassy or consulate is necessary.

Getting a visa to travel to China isn’t always the easiest process. Though appointments aren’t usually required at consulates, having the right paperwork ready is essential. For people looking for a Chinese travel visa as a tourist, the minimum requirements are to provide proof of incoming and outgoing travel, proof of accommodation – or, in some cases, a Chinese visa invitation letter – a completed application form, a passport-sized photo, and $140 in fees.

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Whether you’re looking for a work visa and need to know how it will be handled on arrival in China or planning a trip through Shanghai with the 144-hour transit visa, Travel Visa Pro has you covered. Our staff have over 40 years’ experience in demystifying the visa and passport application process for our clients and know the ins and outs of the Chinese visa application process.