Can You Drive to Alaska Without a Passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Nov 30 2022

Alaska is the place to be if you are after natural, unaltered beauty. Where else would you come across eagles, whales, and bears? Where else would you wake up to the sight of snow-covered mountains against the backdrop of the northern lights? Many people want to visit this remote U.S. state for this reason. But one hurdle stands between them and hiking in the national parks in Alaska – the distance between the mainland U.S. and Alaska. So, people often wonder, can you drive to Alaska without a passport?


Can You Drive to Alaska Without a Passport?

Alaska is a U.S. state. However, it is remote from the continental U.S., and you must go through Canada to get to it. As such, people often get confused about the need for a passport when crossing the Canadian border.

So, here’s the truth. You do not need a passport to drive to Alaska, thanks to the relaxed immigration policies between Canada and the U.S. You only need to prove your U.S. citizenship when entering and leaving Canada. And you can do that with the following documents:

  1. WHTI-Compliant Documents: These include passport cards, trusted traveler cards, enhanced driver’s licenses and enhanced tribal cards, or
  2. A Valid Passport: If you do not have WHTI-compliant documents, you must hold a valid passport. It should be valid 6 months past the entry date, in good condition, and have enough blank pages.

Can you drive to Alaska without a passport? A valid U.S. passport is not required if you have a WHTI-compliant document. However, having a valid passport book can help you evacuate quickly in an emergency. Having a passport book is always advisable when traveling out of the country. Travel Visa Pro can get you a passport within days to help you secure entry in and out of Alaska by air, sea, or land.


How to Plan a Trip to Alaska

There are three ways to tour Alaska as follows:

  1. You can do research on places to stay and things to do and book your accommodation and tours,
  2. You can join a group traveling to Alaska, where the activities and accommodations have been laid out, or
  • You can use a travel company to plan your trip.

Don’t forget your travel documents. Do you need a passport to drive to Alaska? Travel Visa Pro has your back!