Can You Get a Passport While on Probation?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Mon Dec 5 2022

Being on probation does not end your prison sentence. Instead, it allows you to serve your sentence while in the community under the watch of a corrections officer. However, you must follow certain conditions to maintain your probation status and avoid being sent to prison. So, can you get a passport while on probation?


Can You Get a U.S. Passport While on Probation?

When you are under probation, you are under supervision. And that means that you must abide by your probation restrictions. While you are not technically in prison, you may not get a U.S. passport even if you apply for one. If anything, applying for one can even result in the state issuing a warrant for your arrest!


How to Get a Passport on Probation

If you want a U.S. passport while on probation, you must involve your probation officer in the application. They must permit you to apply; otherwise, you will have acted against the set restrictions and can land in legal trouble. Ideally, the officer should write a recommendation letter which you can present with your passport application documents. The state will then consider your application, but that is not a guarantee that you will get approval. However, it shields you from harsh legal consequences.

Can you get a passport while on probation? If your probation officer okays your application, Travel Visa Pro can help you apply for and expedite your passport application. You can get a new passport in just a few days!

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